Weekly Live-stream with Soy Sos & Pittsburgh Modular

Episode 14 and counting!
Sundays at 8pm US EST
Hi, after a few setbacks including a bike accident a few weeks ago, we’re at it again. I’m mostly OK, except for a dislocated pinky on my left hand.
What this is, is a modular synthesizer jam with Richard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers We set up at a safe distance in Richard’s back yard, connect audio and synchronization cables between the 2 systems and then it’s off into space. The result is very nerdy but often groovy, improvised electronic music. We’ll start things off at 8pm EST US time with a little chat to catch up, answer some questions and hit go. There’s a live chat, so please say hi and maybe let us know where you’re listening/watching from. It is live, but this link will also go to the archived video after we’re done, so catch it later if you miss it.


Nice to see you here!

Thanks Gregg! You’re the reason I’m here.

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It’s a good place, very inclusive and friendly, best nerdy audio forum right now, I think. :wink:

@soysos in the house!! Long time no see… Remember this old thing?

Oh WOW! Yes, I remember!
You came and met me at Richard’s place to pick that up, how many years ago?!?
You’re still using it? So cool!

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Yeah, I sold the linear PSU to a really rude guy in Detroit when I took it to college. Really wish I hadn’t done that but the space savings was so worth it.

These days I mostly rack stuff in the top and use the bottom with some big blanking panels as platform for my Norns and Grid… oh and it’s all weighted down by the portable batteries and power supplies velcro’d in under it all :laughing:

Great to have you here!

Thanks, can you send some links to your music? Would love to hear what you’re up to.