Weird Arc behavior on Windows 7


I just received my brand new arc and am trying to get it to work with my pc (running windows 7). I already have a monome 128 I only bought a few months ago and that has been working reasonably well (with a few hicups of serialosc from time to time), so I assume that the driver situation on my pc can’t be all bad. However, the arc doesn’t seem to want to communicate with my computer in any meaningful way at all.

There’s multiple things that are weird or don’t work properly, and I don’t quite understand it, so I have some trouble putting it all in a coherent description, but I’ll try:

If I plug it in when my computer is turned off and start the computer, most of the LEDs of the rings on the arc turn on (not quite all of them) and stay one. Some flicker. It stays like this even after windows has fully booted.

Serialosc seems to recognize the arc in this state. The serialosc object in max 7 finds a device called “m11000155 monome i2c”, which seems to be the arc. When I just print out the output of serialosc for that device and turn the encoders, I get messages like “/monome/enc/delta 1 -5”, which seems reasonable enough, but the values are always negative, no matter in which direction I turn the encoders. Larger deltas are transmitted when I turn the knob faster, but it seems very glitchy. Also, some of the LEDs on other encoders flicker when I turn one encoder. I tried sending it some messages via osc and when I sent something like “/ring/all 0 0”, some of the LEDs of all the different rings turned off, but also in a very non-deterministic fashion. Every message seemed to turn off a few more until at some point all LEDs turned off and the arc seemed to stop responding.

When I unplug and replug the arc after windows has booted, I the left-most ring displays a small animation (sort of like plugging in a monome, so I assume that’s what it should do), but serialosc doesn’t seem to recognize the device from there on until I reboot my computer with the arc plugged in (which then triggers the behavior as described above again).

I assume there’s something wrong in the serial communication between the device and my computer. I just have absolutely no clue on how to fix that. I have found some driver-settings for the COM-port that is used by the Arc where I can set the following things (default settings): Bits per second (9600), databits (8), Parity (none), Stopbits (1), Flow control (none). The baudrate seems to be pretty low, but I’d assume that this shouldn’t cause these issues. And anyways, since the whole behavior of the arc is weird even before booting windows, I’m not so sure if it could even be the driver settings there.

Can anyone help me?

e-mail for a quick evaluation.

can you confirm the grid is working fine?