What are you listening to?



This was my first purchase on Bandcamp when it came out. Excellent album.

My new favs, they sound like Macross 82-99, super legit,.


These guys rule! Played a show with them earlier this year and it was :fire:


Oscar Peterson was both a genius and a very kind, generous man. I have a special appreciation for him as I sweat A Lot when I perform too. For bonus points, no one interviews like Dick Cavett (who is still going strong at 80).

In this interview he gives a brief master class on the signature piano styles of a handful of mythic performers.


Produced by the great Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound System.

I never was able to catch AH but was fortunate enough to see Du Syndicate in the late 90’s in San Francisco.



some dj sets I recently recorded in different occasions.

downtempo: https://soundcloud.com/emotionalrepositories/tier6

4,5 hours of my record collection (jazz, r&b, deep house etc): https://soundcloud.com/emotionalrepositories/deviation1-joralsky-vinyl-set

live recording from a darkwavy party i co-run in Cyprus:



Drifting cassette + Balinese gamelan :heart:


Over and over again. I adore this piece. Powerful, healing music.




Yeah! I ordered some stuff from my friend Nick Butcher/Sonnenzimmer, a newish Kassel Jaeger 20 minute piece, and the most recent Coppice 3".


My bandcamp spree/recommendations are in this thread :slight_smile:


thanks for this! snagged that Kafka’s Ibiki just in time. stoked



'well I hope we’re not too messianic
or a triffle too satanic -m.jagger



Jon Hopkins’s Late Night Tales are smooth and soul soothing :slight_smile:


https://youtu.be/LuYNidNgQic …an instrumental and vocal track by Talk Talk…post-rock from the early 90s (1991)


So good


I have been into early electronic music for a few years. For some reason I never heard any Laurie Spiegel until last weekend. Now I am binging on it and loving it.