What are you listening to?


Taking it back to the 90s for some Florida Metalcore via one of my favourite labels from back in the day Genet Records.

Andromeda - Exhaulting the spirits

Treads the line between melody and chaos really well. (Relatively speaking).

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So much beauty in this recording … track 8 is my current favorite.



lotta Black Lung this week for some reason



That Sunn O))) album is just great (Monoliths And Dimensions)…




Went therapy shopping and found an OG copy of this last weekend, so that recording of this:

Also splurged on the new overpriced Sub Rosa repress/repackaging of this:

…since my cat puked on my CD copy of Myths 4, and turned up the CD soundtrack to this:

No regrets.

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Just wanted to share the most important records to me personally this year. Interested to hear what others have kept coming back to or are important to a particular point in time.

Steve Hauschildt - Tragedy and Geometry.

Came out at the beginning of 2011, but I have listened to this excessively throughout this year. There are lots of memories attached. Apparently this record is almost exclusively Prophet '08? It’s made me really want one/a Rev 2, hah.

Florist - If Blue Could Be Happiness

Beautifully done @stripes :slight_smile: . I really like that the colors are colored on the lyrics insert (which I picked up and listened to on my turntable at home after listening to the record a bunch on my phone with Apple earbuds on the go…it was a very vivid aesthetic experience). Between this record, the episode of Sound + Process and the Executing the modular album thread you started and have periodically came back to and summed up some thoughts and things you’ve learned/worked on, you’ve been a really important/inspiring creative voice to me this year!

Kelly Lee Owens S/T

I’ve listened to this record a ton. Recently, I’ve noticed the lengths of parts/tracks and arrangements work really well (especially the extremely long fade out of the last track), imo. I think this will be a reference recording when I’m working on my own stuff for some time to come.

Sylvan Esso S/T

Came out in 2014, but I listened to this record a lot directly after seeing @madeofoak give a talk at NC State University earlier this year. That conversation was really engaging/inspiring, and I was listening to this record a lot when I was reflecting on that. Thank you!

Strategy - The Infinity File

Listened to this record a lot, and the blurb on the cover mentioning the “hand-made effects boxes” made me intrigued. I’ve struck up some email correspondence with Paul (who is very nice and open!) to find out more (custom guitar pedal-based builds of the EDP “Wasp” filter and Haible Tau Pipe Phaser for those that are curious…also lots of use of a Joemeek VC3 optical comp to tame peaks).

Omni - Multi-task

This record (Omni’s music in general, actually) makes me really productive whenever I put it on when I’m doing something else.

Not a record, but thank you @tomwhitwell for starting the thread about ECM records, as well as everyone who contributed. I discovered Bennie Maupin’s The Jewel in the Lotus and finally got around to sitting down and listening to Steve Reich.

Also just in general, thank you to everyone for contributing to this forum! Regularly reading the discussions on here has helped me connect my interests as a music listener, creator, gear enthusiast, electronics tinker-er and someone trying to work on being a better person :heart:



excited about the upcoming EXEK record



Have been listening to Hauschildt a lot over the past year as well!

Also keep coming back to this jewel of an album, the first release on Spectrum Spools, Fabric ‘A Sort Of Radiance’



ooo, this is very good so far! love the evolving placement of things in the stereo field. The Christopher Willits record from this year (Horizon) is great at this as well if you’d like to check it out.



Really enjoying Horizon, thanks!

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Been enjoying this reissue of a long gone live tape from Sun City Girls quite a lot lately.



Friday was fuelled by Shai Hulud.

“Our lives are only as bleak as we permit, reach beyond the sun”.



I haven’t listened to this album or band in a long time, but I’m gradually listening to my CD and vinyl collection to see what I can part with and what I want to keep. This one is a keeper.

Besides the music, the other thing that struck me is how good this album sounds. Will probably be lost on a youtube rip, but on CD through nice speakers it sounds pretty great!



I’ve been into the Lorde album since it came out. It’s good.



Some really nice atmospheres in this one:

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In the last couple of hours, I’ve listened to Tears For Fears’ The Hurting and Songs from the Big Chair, two songs that I’d love to cover as one song with a full band (David Sylvian’s “Maria” and Coil’s “The Last Amethyst Deceiver”), and finished up with Éliane Radigue’s L’Île Re-Sonante before heading to work, where I’m typing this and listening to bleeps and bloops in VCV Rack.



Not sure how I missed these, but I only recently discovered these three fantastic synth recordings by Alessandro Cortini that are both inspirational and depressing.

Inspirational because they are melodically simple/direct and sound reasonably achievable via Buchla / Eurorack. I can listen to these forever.

Depressing because I realized that the musical landscape these recordings represent where I was trying to go with my own work. Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I will be trying to imitate these recordings to help understand the creation process better, maybe find new places to explore.

Forse 1
Forse 2
Forse 3



One of the first musical things I was interested in was the sound of cartoons. I’d watch Bugs Bunny et al while recording the sound onto an old tape recorder to listen to later.
Just got around to buying one of the Carl Stalling CDs which brings back lots of memories.

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While exploring new releases from artists that I had not listened for a few years - specifically a Spotify playlist for Xiu Xiu’s excellent album 2017 Forget - I happened upon Phil Elverum-as-Mount Eerie’s recent release, A Crow Looked At Me. It is haunting, evocative, and painful to hear him process his grief so nakedly.



One of two new Eleh releases: