What are you listening to?




Picked up this reissue last week, so stoked.
I love that I can’t tell what’s LP surface noise and what’s part of the recording.


I saw him live at the MIRA festival in Berlin this Spring, one that I really was looking forward to experience since I’ve been listening a lot to him lately. I recommend to see him live just to get an opinion, but I will definitely not do it again :slight_smile:


first time I heard of Górecki! :open_mouth:


Consumer Waste is such a good label, although it’s tough to find stuff once they sell out. Giovanni Lami’s Bias is excellent, but thankfully it’s available on his Bandcamp now. I ended up reaching out to Yann Leguay to buy Quasi Static Crack Propagation on the strength of the excerpt (http://consumerwaste.org.uk/cw11). It’s a really solid release if you want more electromagnetic soundscapes.


Disquiet Junto Project 0349: Got Glitch?







Alan Lamb is great!
I think Primal Image is my favourite.
I know someone who studied under him. It was apparently a really enlightening experience.

Edit: added a video for those who may want to hear it.


new to me.
wow this is great \ sounds at the beginning and 8:49 / 13:23 / 26,om etc. remind me of the sounds of seals

i bet!
did they take any notes/stories |
they would be willing to share?



This is a trio from NYC. They played in Pittsburgh recently and I’ve been listening to their 2 tapes. Lots of interesting synth/computer/modular stuff going on.





In that case check out his other album as well - Night Passage. There’s also a double CD of the original recordings and remixes.

Ah - the seals. I’m presuming you are aware of Douglas Quin’s work then.

I tried to find an email I had from years ago that had some information in it but couldn’t. Haven’t talked to Scott for a while but I’ll send an email and see if he has anything to share.


hey, Thanks!


This comes highly recommended, my most favourite recent discovery!

G.I. Gurdieff’s harmonium improvisations, which often followed the dinners which he held in his Paris apartment during the Occupation and immediate post-war years, to his death in 1949.

Album is now in the public domain and available in full here: https://archive.org/details/G.i.GurdjieffsHarmoniumImprovisations1949