What are you listening to?




Just picked those last two up last week myself. I think it’s probably been mentioned here, but this is great:


19:01 has me rolling on the floor laughing every time.


They got it working again? How wonderful! When I was at Oberlin, it was gathering dust… someone had messed with it after it had been delivered from Bell Labs, and it was DOA.


By the way, I assume this thread is not the appropriate one for mentioning one’s own works? I must hunt around and see where the right one is.

Currently listening to Ocean Music by Joe McMahon, https://archive.org/details/earman077

The entire Earth Mantra catalog of nearly 200 releases now has a permanent home on archive.org; very few poor or mediocre albums, many good ones, and several positively brilliant ones. Highly recommended.


@mrspiral here’s the thread for your own stuff:



Yeah, it looks like it’s been working for a little less than a year. I may speak with the performer this week to ask some questions.


Lots of Genesis. :slight_smile:


To calm the nerves


Been listening to this a lot lately. He’s great


Beautiful, subdued live rehearsal video from the Helicopter Quarter (not the Stockhausen one).




Wow! Please let us know what you find out. The last piece it was used on that I am aware of is Delta Four from the Synergy album Games.


Strange how a strange psych-country project from the 70s (which went on to become Barefoot Jerry) was popular everywhere from the BBC to NY clubs in the 80s.


Just getting round to listen to Division: 2083. Got it in a bundle from groupees. Very nice synthwave stuff.



Funny, I was thinking of sharing that too. Had it on last night, and this morning at home.


Currently, at work:

Silly anecdote: I keep seeing her on Twitter; she follows a couple Eurorack companies.