What are you listening to?



(the whole lineup got recorded!)


Hah, the core members of this are friends of mine from when I lived in Paris. I wasn’t aware of that project but it’s nice to see it here :).


I am halfway listening to that collection and so far, there is not one bad album! I love all of them.


Stumbled onto this fiercely minimal Vainio track:

R.I.P. :heart:


New @annannie album!


I love John Chantlers work


Maestro has nailed it again.


That’s an excellent track, thanks for posting. And R.I.P. indeed… :frowning:


Karima Walker - Hands in Our Names

Absolutely beautiful. Tape loops, guitar, vocals, and sound collage all strung together in a hymnal-esque blanket.


beautiful indeed… would probably never have come across this otherwise, thanks so much!


Classic Bruce Gilbert…

(new album Ex Nihilo out next month…)


This Lapalux, holy moly


Weird, textural, and intense black/death metal. Appreciate the diverse range of instrumentation.


I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Mouse on Mars album, the two singles that has been released so far is so good!

Watched this teaser/mini-doc more than twice thw last couple of days:


New Kilchhofer!!!


this one has a genius title and cover photo as well :slightly_smiling_face: nice work @analogue01



Oren Ambarchi at his most minimal


Just received this nice tape from Hainbach.
Love his soundscapes.


Post #2000! I’m listening to Lauren Bousfield’s live set on KXLU. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIrs1ti1YLI&list=PLkG1PDBUSpz4nWXrczJvPox-JYHgG-VRY&index=9