What are you listening to?



Seems even more appropriate to listen to Hainbach on tape. I love his music and videos.



This is exceptional:

I’ve listened to “Chogal” alone three times today. He’s a regular on the Orthogonal forums, which is where I found this.

EDIT: @ghost beat me to it :laughing:


So good!


The whole Zatoichi OST is worth listening.



Currently listening to Kelly Moran’s bloodroot:

Really like both this and the earlier optimist, fairly engaging use of prepared piano.


Last night I was listening to Alva Noto perform Unieqav at Barbican. Unspeakably excellent. Were any other lines folk there?

Today I am mostly listening to Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Glass and Yann Novak’s The Future is a Forward Escape to the Past


Yep, I saw the Noto show as well. The show didn’t really match my (extremely) high expectations, but the track Carsten and Anne-James did together was amazing and the encore really lifted the roof imho.



the last two and a half minutes are particularly exceptional



When an artist you love has just enough evolution in their sound to keep you hooked.


bravo @MengQiMusic


This awesome tape from @ioflow


Free folk electronica?


Highly recommended.


"Trax Man Get Up Joe Chicago Juke Mix Footwork Ghetto House"

Unique global bass music from American Midwest. Repetitious rhythms, cut up vocals, fast tempos, and deep bass frequencies are typical markers of the style. Intended to be accompanied by dancing at informal venues.


The new Grouper single!



I’ve also been revisiting this lately. so glad it’s survived multiple large-scale vinyl purges.

currently putting our baby to sleep to the soothing sounds of Raymond Scott.