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Great psychedelic pop tunes from Lustana in this release by Never Anything Records.


very nice droney sorta-krauty tune from Kilchhofer


bravo :slight_smile:
'analog distortion = where the gods live
digital distortion - not for humans





I picked up the new Beautify Junkyards LP on Ghost Box today. Glorious synthy pastoral pysch-folk laced with a healthy dose of tropicalia. Much recommended if you like that sort of thing.


Love this minimal banger from Shawn O’Sullivan:





what. a. mix.


Old bass mix from 1986, Detroit. Hard-to-capture energy of the era presented in the appropriate manner.


Very beautiful, Thanks for sharing!


Been on a huge Henning kick recently - what a great new world to explore. Looks like the Italian imprint Holidays just released a few pieces on vinyl…


that one is a DOOZY. don’t miss horse lords if they’re touring through your city this spring! the last couple times i’ve seen them max has done a long electronics section in the middle of the set, which was a nice change of pace.


20 characters of oh fuck.


Reminds me a bit of the more poppy side of Cindy Lee:


I’ve never clicked with Horse Lords unfortunately. Seen them twice now :confused: Not sure what I’m not getting, but it hasn’t been my bag. Max’s solo stuff on the other hand is really something I enjoy for the most part.


ah fair enough! i’ve always been dazzled by their live performance, for years they’ve been one of those bands i see every time they’re in town. though i’m also originally from baltimore so maybe i’m biased.