What are you listening to?



There’s no denying their incredible talent, so I can dig the descriptor ‘dazzling’…



Incredible album. Been listening to it all morning. Thanks for sharing (and @dan_derks for bumping).


Keep coming back to Joshua Abrams’ stuff all the time since discovering it a couple of years ago. Magnetoception is phenomenal.



Ed Schrader’s Music Beat has an absolute gem of an album in Riddles. With Dan Deacon producing, it is fun, dense, and energetic from “Dunce” to “Culebra”.


loving what I’ve heard of the new Oneida. what a band.


The new Lowercase Noises EP.


halim el-dabh


This has become one of my favorite albums ever. A masterpiece.


No joke. It’s on once a week in my house!


Really inventive pop/soul record, reminds me a little of Autre Ne Veut at times, other times hard to describe.


at least one of the people from Visible Cloaks put together a mix for Aussie label Sanpo Disco, it’s a good listen.



'Heraclio Bernal por Rafael Herrera Robinson, baritone with guitar 1904



YoshimiO / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Flower Of Sulphur
Otim Alpha - Gulu City Anthems
Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power
ALVA NOTO - Unieqav
Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson - A Score for Darling
Jung An Tagen - Agent Im Objekt


What a record! Never heard of these guys before.

Digging deeper :slight_smile: Now playing:


Oh yeah, that track is their best! :fire:



This has been on repeat for me the past couple months.


I am totally loving this whole album!