What are you listening to?



Me too. I love Grafts


It’s so good.​​​​​​​​​





Latest Skullflower release sounds legit



thanks for this. sounds so refreshing


oh yeah, this is a cracker.



At home: Lots of Karl’s live sets, Jim O’Rourke’s Steamroom releases, Kassel Jaeger, and John Chantler.

In the car: Falling Forward (old Louisville punk), Czarface, Viktor Vaughn, Rollins Band (End of Silence), Temptations, Charles Mingus (Cumbia and Jazz Fusion), and Harlem River Drive.


Cumbia and Jazz Fusion is such a nuts record. It is my favorite Mingus record behind Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus.


Definitely an under-appreciated gem. It never gets less magical :slight_smile:


Loving this!!! Thanks!


Mingus Presents is truly incredible



I just saw this pop up and preordered it.


Haven’t ever paid a whole lot of attention to Steve Roden which is surprising given that I generally quite like the sort of sounds he makes. Making up for it with a CD purchase and listening to his fairly prolific Bandcamp output.


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really hoping he takes this one on tour. really digging these sounds. .


New (2017) recordings from Lino Capra Vaccina… I’m actually liking this more than the classic 1978 release (Antico Adagio)

A very thoughtful review by Bradford Bailey (The Hum)