What are you listening to?



Mundane Behavior by Project Mycelium is glorious.



Just came here to post this but you beat me to it. Wasn’t so keen on Garden of Delete but love everything else he’s done. The sound of that harpsichord morphing into weird FM as the planet is sucked into the light…more of that please!


i wasn’t into GoD when it came out either, but in the last year i’ve come around on it. he kinda hinted at these medieval sounds/structures in a few places in GoD and R+7 but never went all in. can’t wait to hear how this one turns out! loving the new wavey section at the end of the trailer too.


Ah yeahhhs, sososo good!


I find it really hard to think of a song that I like more than Animals on GoD, the rest of the album is all just built around it in my mind. Can’t wait to hear this one.


obviously going to be listening to GoD at work all day now…


his bandcamp is full of gems that didn’t see release at the time too.

proximities and speak no more about the leaves are big favorites of mine.


this is what I’m on right now.



Unseen Worlds releases some of the best stuff this side of the galaxy. Elodie Lauten’s ‘Piano Works’ combines piano, textural drones, found sounds and a dash of Arthur Russell to staggering effect.


I revisited this one recently. A real stand out, IMO.


These guys are playing in Malmö this week. Should be good! Haven’t really heard of Abrams before, excited to check it out.


I love his music - you are in for a treat!



The Kubisch track made me want to listen to Paul DeMarinis - Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie.


their album from last year is very very good


big into this one this morning


I went on an Autechre binge this past weekend and listened to LP5, EP7, Tri Repetea, Peel Session 1, Oversteps, and portions of Elseq 1-5 (kind of a bear to get through). I need to revisit Confield because admittedly I didn’t like it much when it came out and haven’t listened to it since.


His new albums are incredible and his previous body of work outside of the Natural Information Society is pretty remarkable too. I opened for a duo he did with Axel Doerner about 15 years ago and it was amazing. He was coaxing some great sounds out of it and Axel was doing the wandelweiser-y super minimal quiet vibes.

I would love for them to hit up Louisville sometime with the NIS.