What are you listening to?



Autechre in general is a bear to get through - give me a 40 min album guys, please!

a lot of their 21st century stuff post-Confield I can struggle with, but this 2.5hour “EP” really hit the spot for me with what I like about their work.


kind of obsessed with this right now



Cool. I will definitely check it out now!
Thanks for the encouragement @baleen @sellanraa @jeffreypierce


Yeah, check out all that Natural Information Society stuff, Town and Country is great and totally different, apparently he was in the Bird Show Band which was cool from what I recall. Sam Prekop’s first solo album was a gem and he and Chad Taylor are the rhythm section.

Still, NIS is my favorite of his work despite an extensive catalog before he started that.


He also appeared on a few of Matana Roberts’ earlier releases, which are :fire:, like The Chicago Project. Honestly, it’s my dream to be part of a band like NIS.



Tough to keep up with the work of someone so active in that ‘session musician’ sort of zone. Didn’t he do a vaguely hip hop sort of release years ago too? I feel like that was great. Endless! :slight_smile:



Subtle shape sculpting


I’m really digging what you all are sharing!! This isn’t too much on the unique or experimental side but I’ve been really into the youtube channel Colors the last week or so. Some of it is decent but some of the artist they feature are really awesome! The channel is curated by High Snobriety so it can be a little ‘hipster’ at times but I still really like some of the artists I’ve seen on there. Some of the gear they use in some of the videos is pretty awesome too. I don’t know, check it out! Colors has treated me well when I’m just trying to find something somewhat ‘normal’ to listen to


hah, I discovered YK only recently, although now they are no more - but there’s lots more there to discover.


This could go on for 30mins for me


Annihilation sucked me back into some CS&N goodness.

further listening

Crosby - If I could only remember my name
Stills - Manassas
Nash - Butterfly or Evolution (mono)


Where do I find more? I’ve only come across that album in cursory searches.



Sounds like träd, gräs och stenar :slight_smile:


“lots more there to discover” - beyond Yussef Kamaal. Kamaal Williams/Henry Wu is pretty prolific across a lot of genres and I like a lot of his keys work.


The entire catalog is magical.


Love that solo Crosby album. Not sure if you ever saw the Crosby and Nash British performance, but this track is amazing:

In a similar zone, but my buddy is going to play this Cale tune on violin for my soon-to-be wife’s walk to join me for the wedding ceremony on Saturday morning. I’m very pleased with my selection :slight_smile: