What are you listening to?



good choice on the cale tune. have a great day!




Such a classic! Would be fun to recreate on a eurorack… some day.


Love some D/P/I! Haven’t listened to Jeanette yet. But Composer was one of my fav albums of 2016.




Starting to check out more of Jim O’Rourke’s work. I’ve enjoyed his Fennesz collaborations in the past, as well as that one from last year with Kassel Jaeger. Steamroom 29 is the one I picked up on bandcamp. Also got Old News No. 5. A lot to explore.

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler - Bart and Neue Bilder - these are challenging and abstract - analog synth & computer duets.

Also, @marcus_fischer put out a nice track for piano day yesterday called Lighting the Shadows


if you’re unfamiliar, don’t skip O’Rourke’s pop albums. Eureka is probably my favorite.

first time I saw him live (Gastr Del Sol, CMU around '94), he spent two hours setting up by placing about 100 of those full metal paper napkin dispensers inside/on top of an upright piano to get the tone he wanted.


I went to the same high school as David Grubbs, but 10 years later, so he was always a huge idol. Tiny private school, one of the only vaguely punk kids…so it was a revelation to hear about Squirrel Bait playing the same school talent shows I played. To go from them to Gastr del Sol in high school was a total mindfuck. They were a massive gateway drug to an incredible range of music. Plus, Dexters Cigar and Moikai imprints on Drag City were incredible.

I’d also check out a loosely O’Rourke related project called Mimir. One of my all time favorites that never gets much chatter.

O’Rourke is definitely one of the most compelling artists of our generation I’d argue. As for his solo pop records: “Halfway to a Threeway” would be my pick :slight_smile:


love squirrel bait! fell pretty hard for all that great Louisville music in the 90s.


It’s inescapable down here, especially when you start playing with and getting to know ‘the scene’.


I am digging this dude’s music
i just grabbed this and another for “something different” – i went through a huge dub techno phase this last year
but this is quite nice


“was a ‘has been’ now am ‘AM IS’”


bc @izzy is here now! https://soundcloud.com/non_worldwide/illegible


yes this. ideally as loud as possible.


Some of that good old-fashioned bleep-blorp



Cool release!

Real crisp: