What are you listening to?



Anyone know what Ehlers has been doing lately? Just sort of vanished :confused:


love love geographic north, one of my favorite tiny labels. love their art direction, plus their releases are consistently great. i wasn’t previously aware of Félicia Atkinson, this EP is very nice.


I just ordered that an hour ago. Check out her records on Shelter Press (I think she is involved and/or solely runs that label), her stuff is gold. I missed her show in NYC by one day :frowning:


revisiting a (little-known) lo-fi bedroom fuzz classic today


in a completely different direction, just found this live set from Michael Johnsen (Pittsburgh)- he’s been performing on self-built electronics for 20+ years. the comments and likes are just sad (but not surprising).


Kate tempest. On a mate’s recommendation. Ace.


Loving Blanck Mass and Panthu du Prince for different reasons - looking forward to your next set of reccos. :slight_smile:


Oh wow, that was over two years ago! Yeah, I should post something. I’ll try to remember later tonight.


New Hainbach tape mix with my morning coffee


Today i will be listening to the full catalog of mappa editions, which recently released their 10th edition, by Simon Whetham


She also released some stuff using the name je suis le petit chevalier
good stuff


Nice! I was getting into the catalogue a couple of weeks ago - cool to see a new release.


they just put up 50 more for sale if anyone missed it. great stuff.


I didn’t post anything last night, and I realized why. It’s because since this thread started, the answer to the question “what are you listening to?” has been “the stuff on this thread!” :wink:

That being said, I’ve got well over 7000 songs on this playlist, you might enjoy (I recommend shuffle):



Persian Electronic Music: Yesterday And Today 1966 - 2006


Nice! Tuning in right now. Thanks.


She’s playing a free show tonight at The Owl. Going to try to make it up that way if I can.


Stage 4.


new jon hassell! new jon hassell label! this sounds pretty groovy.