What are you listening to?



i wish, i don’t think i can get there tonight:[


enjoying Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons


now, with great sadness. RIP to a legend.


I am SO stoked to listen to this.


Truly excellent brain dance that RDJ would be proud of!


Free download included in yesterday’s email from James Leyland Kirby. Doesn’t appear to be on his Bandcamp page at the moment.

Take care. It’s a desert out there…

"Released in memory of Mark Fisher on CD with all money from sales going to MIND. Copies were given away to the audience for free at The Barbican show in London in December with last copies being sold today via Boomkat. There will be no future repress.

100% of the sales money donated to MIND."


tape of tape by @philmaguire


One of my favorite music videos ever. And probably my favorite Front 242 track.


catching up with the first NTS Autechre show https://www.nts.live/projects/autechre-nts-residency/


This is insanely good. Have they said anything about the material they’re streaming? Bits and pieces of it appear to be alternative versions of elseq tracks.


Anyone know where there is a high quality MP3 of their NTS set?


Don’t know, sorry. I wasn’t aware of it at all until a couple of days before the broadcast. Some kind of track list would be ace though.


We’ve been listening to the new Brett Naucke record ‘The Mansion’ in my house lately. Very very good.


They’re releasing the sessions as a boxset/DL: https://autechre.bleepstores.com/



sunday listening


Both are worth checking out!


I always come back to this… exquisite




Pre-ordered almost immediately when it was announced. Gotta pounce! :slight_smile: