What are you listening to?



Went back to a favorite this morning: https://open.spotify.com/track/23admJFcxLAEkKDgEhH4NZ?si=8xtIv83zSEarY0-38gPNhw

Love the whole album but that particular track is the standout for me.


Two traditional song scholars making some out there music released on Folkways:


lo-fi ambient what?


Sooooooooooooo nice.


Been enjoying this lately:


Some recent vinyl finds thanks to trusty ol’ Meditations in Kyoto.

Always happy to find some Fahey and Nick Drake on wax.
The second-to-last one is a great compilation of 1970’s private press female folk singers. RIYL Linda Perhacs, Karen Dalton, outsider/loner folk; Joni MItchell’s influence looms large here. Recommended. Numero Group always puts out solid stuff.
Really enjoying “Presque Rien”, and excited to go to a recital of Ferrari’s works in Osaka next weekend…
> April 22, 2018__Osaka, Japan
_> _
> 15:30 – 18:00
_> _
> Stage KU
> Semba Sounds #4 : Luc Ferrari
> https://www.facebook.com/events/168631480613668/
_> _
> • Les yeux de Mathieu (1984)
> • Presque rien avec filles (1989)
> • Unheimlich schön (1971)
> + film “Presque rien avec Luc Ferrari” from Jaqueline Caux and Olivier Pascal
_> _
> Programme : Ayako Sato
> Acousmatic interpretation : Tomonari Higaki, Olivier Lamarche, Nathanaëlle Raboisson
_> _
> Production : KArC (Shozo Jonen and Tomonari Higaki)

Attn: Kansai noisemakers. See you there?


Thanks indeed, I will get this! The only name familiar to me is Collie Ryan. I’ve been listening recently again to her “The Hour is Now” compilation; but I really should have just gotten the three full albums that were apparently rereleased in 2009 but seem unavailable again; oh well. It’s very different from Linda Perhacs who immediately puts you in a space; there’s a really subtle harmonic logic to Ryan’s work; a pervasive non-presence that unfolds somehow between the songs, or between layers within a song, that I find nowhere else (hmm… perhaps I do find it also in Nick Drake, but that’s a very different sensibility), anyway Ryan’s non-presence really persists with me in some kind of abstract hovering sense even weeks after I’ve last listened to her music.

[i should counterbalance this with an “outsider/loner electronics as folk music” thread, of which I’ll mention only still lesser-known names: Jeff Berry (Sunpath), Rupert Chappelle (early work only: Esper, Ozone Music, Jobs for America), Nik Raicevic, Paul Kelday, Stanley Keith Bowsza (Minoy), Tara Cross, Enno Velthuys, Aart Zwaans, Galen Herod (early electronic work), Olaf Schirm (Symboter), Rudiger Lorenz, Antonios Stratis, Saniboj Zugic, Lauri Paisley, Jim Kirkwood. But that deseves another post – basically I need to probe/rethink/deconstruct the idea of ‘outsider’ more before attempting to discuss it, while maintaining at least that some sense of isolation (tragic in more than a few cases), and quest for “inner music” (e.g. Enno Velthuys “Swamp”; Galen Herod “Three Trails” can be taken as exemplary here) are definitive … for now I simply list who inspires me and who I think should be better known… some do end up getting recognized (John Bender, Pauline Anna Strom, J.D. Emmanuel… perhaps even Raymond Scott at one point needed to be “rediscovered”) and thus entering some kind of broader conversation; anyway there are definite parallels between these artists and the unknown psych folk artists]



(And Autechre NTS1 and Steamroom releases…)




Didn’t get on with this the first time I listened a while back, giving it another go:


“Cricket” = love at first listen

Thanks for listing some names I haven’t heard, will do some digging on the weekend!



New beak> Getting my motorik on.


Went to see him last night here in London. The synth sounds on this album (released today) is pretty amazing.


I love this Greg Davis/Toby Aronson project from a few years ago:


the new mouse on mars album is n u t s



Alot of Stuff on Giegling: Vril, Prince of Denmark
Milan W-Intact


Yeah this came up after beak> on my new release playlist and I just moved over to that album.