What are you listening to?



Absolutely love this one! Beautiful album.


David Ross https://cuspeditions.bandcamp.com/album/david-ross-stochastic-moods


apparently i dont know how to embed a bandcamp player here :disappointed_relieved:


Just copy and paste the url. No need to do anything with the bandcamp embed codes.


Thank you @sandy :smiley:

This has been mentioned, but… Been a huge fan of Felicia Atkinson for a while and only just now digging through the Shelter Press catalogue. Some recent standouts/immediate purchases…


Shelter Press is great. Don’t sleep on Ben Vida’s record. In a recent interview she said they’re releasing a Justin Meyers LP too down the road :slight_smile:


Oh yes… that record is great! would have loved to have been a part of the installation… “For the commission the piece coalesced as a single, through-composed live sound installation that utilized tactile subbass speakers which interfaced directly with the audiences bodies”


Discovered this album a couple of days ago so only 29 years late as it was originally released in 1989.
Live manipulation of saxophone by computer.


i always fin myself returning to this.


All the early M and Aerial M is gold. The EPs are my favorites. Technically, I was a member of Papa M briefly. :slight_smile:


agreed. I love the 7"s. so good. I recorded a minidisc of him playing a bunch of those early songs on guitar + boomerang looper in the late 1990s.
I put his song “Lay” off of George Chen’s ZUM comp on this playlist I curated last summer.
still one of my favorites.


Those ZUM comps had some nice random stuff too :slight_smile: I sold a LOT of CDs about 12 years ago, I wonder if those were some that just didn’t sell and are sitting in a box somewhere.


New Jelinek:


Michul Kuun aka NAH. Two new releases from the other day, including this one.


Sean Price & Illa Ghee - Metal Detectors


inspired by the mentions from tsintsi and marcus_fischer above, have been listening to

and this great remix



so much :heart: for this one


This great tape release from minimal wave records:


have enjoyed this during some recent acupuncture treatments