What are you listening to?



reading this piece this morning, really intrigued about this piece, checked out his other stuff. Realized I discovered the dudes band, goat, just a few weeks ago.


my first post here, very happy to join this community so here are some things that i’m listening to at the moment:

Potter Natalizia Zen - Articulated
Nurse With Wound’s Colin Potter collaborating with Guido Zen and Alessio Natalizia (Not Waving) - I highly recommend this record Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out, love the smoky, drifting feel of it - definitely worth investigating more than this one track from it!

Albert Alan Owen - Following The Light
Stunning piano works from 1982 - again the whole album is worth listening to


Rest in :peace_symbol: Miles


no input bangers in 20 characters!


All excellent releases!


Love this band, this album.


A.A. Owen – really nice find, thanks!

Colin Potter did a lot of interesting work himself in the early 80’s, the “A Gain” album is a favorite, something of a cross between the early solo work of Chris Carter and the earliest stuff by Ian Boddy (Iaja):

His label ICR featured many interesting/unrecognized musicians such as Paul Kelday (industrial/noise pioneer with clear steps in this direction as early as 1975 or possibly 1974; I’ve only heard as far back as the Spheres tape from 1975 which sounds a lot like Maurizio Bianchi crossed with early Conrad Schnitzler; the Croatian musician Saniboj Zugic also came close to this territory with only a modular Formant synth in the late 70’s, especially the track “Uzivo Kuca” – though Zugic sadly did not release anything…); then unique/unplaceable melodic stuff by Rick Crane, George Garside, etc. (although I think the best of this “genre” is the stuff on Exart tapes with Enno Velthuys, Aart Zwaans, and so forth…)


Thanks for the information about his label - i had only listened previously to his solo work, including this one (love it!), so happy to learn about this!



Nice! I got the other two tapes in this batch from Umor Rex, I’ll check these two out. The Kohl one is one of my favorite records this year:


The Kohl album is in my que. I listened to the first couple songs the other day and need to go back to it. Thanks for the reminder!


Highly recommend this Leo Okagawa release:


Today i’ll be listening to Taku Sugimoto & Minami Saeki - Songs
Will be seeing them live tonight!


really liking his new album


'listen close, as I prove my point…


Wolf Song by Moose Hill (Goro Ito)

Just simple, gentle music. Discovered playing in a Yanaka clothes shop a fortnight ago.
Great music to write to :slight_smile:

(here if interested: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wolf-song/76207974)


obviously :maple_leaf:


Very cool kraut/free jazz record that got repressed recently so I picked it up

I’m also a big fan of the harmonium player in the group’s visual art style, Lisa Alvarado. Portfolio here.


Im just going to second this.