What are you listening to?




Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - Music & Poetry of the Kesh
No Neck Blues Band - Ever Borneo!
Natasha Barrett - Trade Winds


I’ve just discovered the perfect song for my little bike ride to work. This song is exactly as long as it takes for me to go door to door (if I’m lucky with the red lights and all that stuff). Too bad this will be my last week at this place before I’m starting at my new job with new distances :wink:.


These shows just keep on delivering.


Agreed! The whole record has been on repeat ever since release. Such a well composed record!


Yann Novak this morning





Wow that’s incredible. I loved performing this in college- and love the reinterpretation!


The Autechre streams:

Last one on the 26th…



I love Keith’s music!



Such a great guy too.



The naps album sounds like a washing machine in the best kind of way


also I’ve been hooked on this oldie since october or so


I played in the Boredoms guitar orchestra (Borchestra) with Hino-san and the guys from goat when I lived in Osaka few years ago. Played a show with them here in Pittsburgh as well after I came back. Great guys. Hino-san does cool stuff with multiple 4-track recorders.


Wish I could but don’t live in Osaka anymore :expressionless:


Slept on these albums until today. So good.