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Just got back from seeing Yonatan Gat and picked up his new LP, good stuff.


This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Too bad the tape’s sold out.


Caroline ShawPartita

Shaw is a Greenville native, now living in NYC, who earned the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2013 for this piece. The playfulness of her work is infectious and her expert handling of tradition helps her experiment beyond the limitations imposed by convention. Much of her work explores T.S. Eliot’s phrase “The detail of the pattern is movement.” She’s part of Roomful of Teeth (the ensemble she performs ‘Partita’ with), she’s collaborated with Kanye, she’s written multiple pieces for flowerpots:

C’mon :100:


interested to hear peoples’ opinions on this one. cool video, i like the sounds, and after a few listens it’s growing on me.

side note: it’s interesting that he’s using a ‘text excerpt’ from julien donkey-boy on the promo poster for this song; i’ve always privately entertained a conspiracy theory that dan lopatin and harmony korine are the same person.


This feels less like Korine and more like he’s been watching too many Matthew Barney movies.


New release from Liz Harris. Pretty dang beautiful.


Bathing in the beauty and healing sensuality of @scttcmpbll Tertiary Colors album since it’s release. Absolutely exquisite.


with a healthy dollop of “Day Is Done”-era Mike Kelley


Listening to this: https://soundcloud.com/caterinabarbieri/1_this-causes-consciousness-to

While reading this: http://straylandings.co.uk/interviews/mechanics-of-perception-caterina-barbieri


My band Paperhaus opened for Yonatan last night at Black Cat in DC. It was a really incredible show, and he did two sets. First, was a crazy talented line-up including Greg from Deerhoof on drums performing Dvorak, then he did a set of his own material with the Eastern Medicine Singers. Definitely not the usual concert experience!


Awesome that you were able to open for him! They played the same two sets when I saw them as well, I think Philly was the warm up gig lol.


Given the Metal thread and the Deadhead thread I am curious about the interests of this community in less electronic scenes.

I’ll go first…
My name is Steve, and I love Big Hair Rock :flushed:
Faves: skid row, mötley crüe, poison, 18 visions (That one album)


Indeed, thanks! I especially like this quote:


new bmsr album slays. early birdy and a good mail day!!


Tony from Make Noise shared it on Facebook yesterday, and I’m honestly kind of mad at myself for not paying closer attention to Important Records’ releases last year. Patterns of Consciousness is fantastic and I can’t believe I missed it prior to this article going up.


First one reminds me a lot of Holly Herndon. I think she used to compose for voice so it kinda makes sense.


Son Lux has been continuously getting better since their first album, and the new one is no exception. Been spinning this on repeat. Neo-classical math post-rock soul music + tuberculosis vocals.


"1989 the number
another summer
sound of 'the funky drummer -chuck d.


Unbelievably beautiful as always from Liz