What are you listening to?



I’m not that hip to what’s what in comic books, but a friend convinced me to read these stories, and now they are some of my favorite. The sound design in the animated series is enough reason to watch the show, and moves me to this day.

Also, I’ve been revisiting the works of Sly & Robbie and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.


Been into a 1970s/1980s Japanese ambient mood lately.

I think it started with me spontaneously acquiring a repressing of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Music for 9 Postcards (from Light In The Attic Records), with no clue of what to expect. The title was just intriguing. It completely blew me away.

By lucky coincidence, I stumbled upon this article shortly after, which gave me a few more names to go on.

I particularly liked Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass.

If anyone has more recommendations that fit that theme, I’d love to hear them.


Great music indeed. I would also recommend Satoshi Ashikawa’s Still Way, it is actually my favorite among all the Japanese minimalist/ambient works.

Also worth checking out is Soichiro Suzuki’s World Standard project, any album really but especially the self titled debut from 1985. More pop oriented to be sure, but equally unique. The later albums have more of a folk influence.

You might also be interested in Italian minimalism, especially Lino Capra Vaccina, Luciano Cilio and Giusto Pio.


Synthwave school run this morning…


Just discovering Warner Jepson! Listening to the ‘Tulliam Beach Bum’ cassette on my way to work, he likes to place entirely separate elements in each of the stereo channels with little in the centre - I love this technique and try to do it as much as possible myself :slight_smile:


Howdy liners, I’m new here. Been listening to the pod for the last few months and really enjoying it. Currently listening to a lot of Félicia Atkinson and The Caretaker :v:



Been totally obsessed with this since the tape arrived:

seems to fit any mood I may happen to be in.


My friend here in town put the tape out and I nabbed a copy a couple weeks ago. Huzzah!


On heavy repeat this week is
Bucles by @kin.sventa
Really pleasant surprise

And this (not exactly new) by Caterina Barbieri. For some reason my 2 year old loves her.


New Gnod:


All good choices. If you haven’t heard these yet, Spencer Doran’s ( Visible Cloaks ) “Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo” mixes on Root Strata’s blog are quite lovely …

http://rootstrata.com/rootblog/?p=7819 More MUJI-toned ambience
http://rootstrata.com/rootblog/?p=7445 YMO Friends and Alumni mix.
Oh, this too…


wow thank you! i’m glad you like it. thank you for checking it out :raised_hands:


Very nice, thanks! These mixes are all new to me. I mostly follow Bradford Bailey’s “The Hum” blog https://blogthehum.wordpress.com

Also somewhat along these lines, recent work of Rod Hamilton and David Edren are also very interesting (especially in use of sampling/digital manipulation), and not much discussed anywhere.


I always enjoy DJ Koze, and his new album is lovely.


been enjoying this new release from Lucrecia Dalt :sunny:



Just, over and over

. . .

(edited to add a literal unicorn chaser)


warm weather, time for dub


I was listening to Jon Gibson’s Visitations I + II yesterday, but never listened to the last track, Thirties (30’s) – it’s amazing how much it sounds like Joshua Abrams’ NIS stuff once it gets chugging along!