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Today I’ve been spending some time with the back catalogue of Penultimate Press, a record label based in London but ran by an Australian chap. It’s a relatively young label with about 40 releases now, and certainly rewards delving into time and time again.

Here are some favourites:

Joe Mcphee & Bryan Eubanks - My Undocumented Alien Clarinet
Some of you may be aware of Joe Mcphee for his free jazz, improvisational saxophone work (check out the sublime Cosmic Love, if uninitiated). Here he teamed up with Bryan Eubanks to perform live this work for clarinets, MC202 and open circuit electronics.

Księżyc - Księżyc
Księżyc’s s/t album is an absolute classic of tripped out medieval and folk experimentation. When I met the label owner I asked him how to pronounce their name and almost immediately forgot (even he was not entirely confident!) but it was quite unexpected like their music! Their 2nd LP Rabbit Eclipse is also on the label and is well worth checking out

Matthew P. Hopkins - Blue-Lit Half Breath
This was new to me until today, but am certain to spend many more moments with it:

I can certainly recommend the releases from Aine o’Dwyer and Korea Undok Group too.


Never gonna say no to a new album by Jon Hopkins: https://jonhopkins.bandcamp.com/album/singularity

(ps: I can’t figure out how to embed… do I just paste a bandcamp embed player [that didn’t seem to preview well]?)


Discovered this today Entirely By Accident as I puttered around on Twitter:

It is a salve for what ails you.


I’ve been in a similar groove lately, stumbled across this mix that Spencer from Visible Cloaks put out: http://rootstrata.com/rootblog/?p=3706 Haven’t given it a listen yet but I’m sure it’s great, the Ryuichi Sakamoto track on it is amazing.


I just found out about Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe. I really like the album he did with Ariel Kalma, called We Know Each Other Somehow. It’s part of the FRKWYS collaborative series, which I only knew about because Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani made another incredible album for that series. The first track, Magick Creek, reminds me of some of David Bowie’s Berlin-era instrumentals.


Both Lowe and Kalma are amazing. I hadn’t been thinking about either for a while, so it’s a good time for me to listen again!

Ariel Kalma spent some time with Oscar Ichazo’s Arica group/commune in the early 1970’s but strangely was rejected from the musicians’ circle so he did not appear on Heaven or any of the classic records, but his earliest work bears some influence. I’d totally recommend checking out the old Arica records they sound like some great lost Krautrock outfit but this all happened in New York in 1971-72.


Checked that out too, along with Figueroa Terrace. All were so good, but the Tricoli collaboration was definitely my favorite. What’s surprising about Ankersmit is that he doesn’t have that many releases and seems to perform quite often.

The Ina GRM youtube channel actually introduced me to him. I really enjoy their combination of interview/performance footage.


two big discoveries tonight! cool gamelan minimal composition stuff:

this one features ellen arkbro on guitar:


Ambient dub with gamelan stylings, heavily enjoying this release…


thank you! I’ll check out Arica, too. They sound like exactly what I’d be into.


“Comprised of seven percussionists, one kit drummer combined with an analog synth player.”

V. excellent.


New Justin Meyers. Ordered the LP today.
Paging @sellanraa


Yeah, shipping from Shelter direct is pricey, so I’m waiting for it to turn up stateside. :slight_smile:

Definitely on the agenda!


For once I don’t have to pay a fortune for shipping!


right now [after buying the HEX record]

Everything on this imprint is really nice and even Laurel Halo appears [As King Felix]


This week revisiting Guided by Voices “under the bushes, under the stars”


that’s my favorite GbV album


Just Finished:

Now onto Maeror Tri’s Multiple Personality Disorder.



Run, don’t walk, to this URL to download this mixtape before it Goes Away.

Magical things happen starting around 2:50


Earl and knxwledge for the win