What are you listening to?



Another winner from Klimperei - he’s taking a bit of an ambient turn but I like it.




a wonderful accompaniment to the seattle sunshine :sun_with_face:




I am really enjoying the Matmos Ultimate Care II EP

And it’s spiritual successor Work, Work, Wrok

And loving this Killer UMWELT Techno EP, super dark and gritty.

Dulcis in fundo, This amazing Experimental album by Qebo.


I made a playlist of some newer music because I get caught up searching out older music all the time and very quickly turned off by lots of new music.


happy 70th b-day to brian eno



Ashra- Blackouts
Autechre - Exai
Fennesz - Station One


happened upon this artist last night and have been really enjoying this album. excited to dive into the rest!






Recommendation of old/new releases that are significant/inspiring.

Discuss: process, production, performance, technology, influences, ideas etc..
  • Not self promotion.
  • Not what you’re listening to casually.


Maggi Payne - Desertscapes

Maggi Payne is a composer who combines a love for the desert with electroacoustic instrumental works and visuals to create her beautiful works. For myself, as someone who also works with isolated and rural places [with me I have an on-going interest with salt lakes], it was inspiring to see another woman doing similar work.


by Jon Hopkins
released May 4, 2018


First impressions are pretty good. Maybe the piano pieces will grow on me?

Everything Connected is quite epic, several twists and turns. It’s a great example of his sound.


We have a thread for this:


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I read this a bit differently, that the “what are you listening to” thread is in the sense of a “quick stream”, in the sense of capturing what are we listening to at this very moment, without pondering its significance much.

Pointing out something as inspirational/foundational to our entire process is something quite different (it may concern albums that we have not heard for quite some time), and would motivate a more in-depth discussion, a discussion that is not only “review” but bleeds into process.


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