What are you listening to?



This is what I read it as - discuss a work that is foundational to how you think about music, sound art, etc.


Ok. I can see that difference, but missed it in the original post. It looks like it’s been edited to better reflect the specifics, so that’s cool.

Could we get the thread title changed to reflect the intent of the content better? Right now it does sound the same as a general listening topic.


In the interest of not spamming the thread, maybe I’ll keep it to two “desert island” albums. I happened upon these on the internet as a teen very late to the party and almost without context. They each blew my mind.

If Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven needs an introduction, maybe you’d better find an hour and a half to just listen. idk, I don’t wanna overcook it, but this album is amazing for how many spaces it walks you through.

65daysofstatic’s The Fall of Math is … well I guess it’s kind of a math rock take on post rock? For me it was the first album to pick me up and shake me and say “SYNCOPATION! ODD TIME SIGNATURES!”


This is a beautifully haunting track which exemplifies procedural sequencing/synthesis.

I’ve read that Second Woman use Max - which I tried but didn’t enjoy, so I’ve been creating similar complex sequences using modular synth patching with more enjoyable results.

Is anyone else interested in procedural, autonomic, evolving synthesis?


I’m into that Kanye song FML on Life of Pablo. I wanna do a solo piano arrangement.


This is pretty inspiring on many levels.
The syncopation, the space, the tones.


Here are my biggest and most important influences in no particular order:

There is a lot more music I love deeply, but these are by far the biggest influence on how I make music in various forms.


only gonna post one from each, for simplicity:

^(rest in peace)

^ if I had to choose the formative album in my life


I had the same impression but then seeing that the OP posts an album that he has just started listening to and maybe will „grow on“ him is the complete oppossite of „foundational“.


I want to post in this thread but I haven’t found the hour needed to do so :thinking:


Really enjoying the beauty of Tale Of Us lately:


RIP Branca. :frowning:


Looks like the topic has been merged…
I started it so that we could discover and discuss both new and old “inspirational/significant” tracks / albums.
There was no inference they needed to be foundational.

Maybe I should have just posted the track that I started to discuss? Everything Connected
but I was interested in discussing the album too.
for the record I referred to the piano pieces “Maybe the piano pieces will grow on me?”


excellent new drone album that I need to really absorb. sound source is a single cymbal.


@speakerdamage Just listened to this yesterday for the first time- wonderful stuff. Saw it posted by Jeremy Bible who said he loved it so I made sure to check to it out.




I’ve been on a sleeparchive-binge lately. This one is super minimal, bone hard!


Lots of quiet textures and interesting sounds.

Another record I recently discovered and really liked. Fairly minimal techno with shifting rhythms and very nice sound design.


Sun is out.