What are you listening to?



Sun is out.


Currently listening to this after seeing Important Records post photos of the reference lacquers for this upcoming Radigue reissue:


Just now discovered Nobukazu Takemura through a Kate NV mixtape, the entire mix is really great but this song on this day in this moment is really transforming things



tech talk: distortion…


Revisiting Bush of Ghosts - still a textbook example on how to respect and use samples. Aside from the odd touch of slap bass its not at all dated (er…so it is a little bit). This is the killer track for me

i chose the bellydance version of the video as the audio quality was so much better than the others.
The dropped Qu’Ran track is also superb but hard to track down


i just ordered this

Cassette releases

can’t stream it yet, but the CD version was released yesterday. darker, more atonal than Narkopop–still, it’s very elegant and spacious-sounding.


dang, not sure how i missed this response. I haven’t heard of Dead Fader…on my way to check it out now!


New parquet courts. These guys can do no wrong

Also love the Blackstar vibes of the new nin track


That sold out lighting fast :frowning:


These both slay me!!


Oh damn, that’s nice. Don’t know the name of the pre-set, but that “Moments in Love” fairlight flute sound -you know the one- carrying the melody. Good stuff.

My Current Jam:
Planetary Peace- Synthesis

Home-recorded new-agey utopian hippy synth folk, so naive but genuinely uplifting.


I’m increasingly going back to Pan Sonic and Vainio.

We lost a really, really good one. So much of what I listen to can be categorized as “people who are down with Mika Vainio”.


I adore Rachel Evans’ music. I’m slowly going through her entire catalogue that I bought last year and this… this just blew my mind last night. Ballade for a Snow Moon


I’ve had two atmospheric techno albums on a lot lately:

Christopher Coe’s MNTNS of SLNC:

Daniel Avery’s Song for Alpha:

I wasn’t huge into techno, but these albums might be my gateway.


I can tell you what I’m GOING to be listening to a lot of in the next stretch if time… Ragnar Johnson’s second flute music of New Guinea release arrived on my doorstep yesterday :slight_smile:

The first release is one of my most listened to records of the last few years. Maybe the most impactful also.




many quality releases on Another Timbre, recently. this one is really nice: