What are you listening to?




Really digging this Benjolin and Clouds improv (that DIY case is ace!):


this album is awesome and I was very surprised to learn recently that this is the same kid behind SCNTST, something I used to listen to a lot


this has really sucked me in

also–the Planetary Peace record you posted the other day @standard_grey is fantastic


Yeah I was surprised it was him too, he really switched up his sound


Just got back from seeing Laraaji in NYC…really great set, wildly ranging from scaping to zithering to songcraft…felt like one of his early tapes, like a mixtape going from style to style…and of course injecting some laughing yoga along the way…bliss



I still haven’t listened to the new Steamroom. Sitting on my iPod for digestion.

That Redolfi is gold :slight_smile:


solid gold harmonics. it’s so very good.


yep that new steamroom is so good!


It is almost summer here, you darling people, so a lotta this:

Oh! And early Gal Costa


This is really great


not sure what it is about frank ocean that gets me near tears no matter what…



Currently nodding along with @daedelus’s new one, Taut. Three tracks in and loving it


Keith Rowe, Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide - ErstLive 005


this is such a great, timeless recording


and yeah i’m a total sucker for this stuff


actually i like this even more


pretty hot