What are you listening to?



Really enjoying the minimal, psychedelic organ music of Sasha Mishkin, especially Pastoral Breakfast:

Hauntological, yet with sincerity and immediacy. Does it connect to anything, does it lead anywhere? A new beginning perhaps, but along overgrown forest paths that lead absolutely nowhere. Something significant surfaces in its facticity, but retreats the more one tries to think about it.


I just can’t stop listening to the soundtrack for the BBC show Utopia.
Its been years but I just can’t!


James Rushford was my lecturer at uni ha ha what a legend


This piece that tenor sax player Travis Laplante wrote for himself with Gerald Cleaver on drums is truly amazing! I had the chance to seen them perform this live at BLack Iris in Richmond, VA and it was incredible.


come for the blips, stay for the plucks


The groove is so heavy on this album.




best drones


Good dirge





Short programs very cool… still waiting for someone to sonify the Ackermann function :wink:




20 characters of WOO HOO!




I’m so done with that jackass after his slavery denial trump supporting insanity.


Ok, lets talk about this new Oneohtrix Point Never record. How insanely great is that? Wow, I love it. A lot of challenging stuff on a lot of levels. First of all I think his vocals are really cool, I’m a sucker for auto-tune/vocoder-y stuff. I’m not really been the biggest fan of harpsichord, but I’m starting to get the grip of it, fine use of it here. Also love the Daxophone stuff. Stand out tracks after a few listens: Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen, Warning, We’ll Take It and The Station. Still I feel this record should be enjoyed in its entirety. Also, how cool would it be to have Lopatin score a full Pixar motion picture? Toys 2 sounds so sweet and twisted! Genius!


i’m here for it. his albums are always growers for me, but my initial impression for this one is ‘i really like it.’ SO much variety from song to song. the vocals don’t always work for me (station yes, babylon not so much) but i’m sure i’ll get there. i’m also really happy to have an OPN album that i can put on with my friends who haven’t heard him before that won’t make them immediately recoil.

spare thought: the artificial harpsichord kept reminding me of francesco zappa, one of my fave underappreciated zappa records