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I’ve been very intrigued by this album. This interview shares a little bit more on the process than the album description.

Zwischen is rather an archival work, though, and happened on two stages. The first stage was the archival part: researching for interview material, cutting out the silent moments and interviewee’s hesitations. This was done with the editing software Logic. The result were 12 voice collages, which strictly followed the nature of the interview material. Electronic sounds had been added to that on a second stage. Every individual voice conducted a synthesizer patch via amplitude and frequency, which was processed by a module from Analogue Systems. The processor’s algorithm shaped the tonal sequences and the form of every piece, so I saw myself in a rather observing than composing position, which was really relieving.



Lovely album, great interview! What a fascinating process. Interesting to think that he’s effectively sequencing his modular patch with an audio recording.


Really enjoying the minimal, psychedelic organ music of Sasha Mishkin, especially Pastoral Breakfast:

Hauntological, yet with sincerity and immediacy. Does it connect to anything, does it lead anywhere? A new beginning perhaps, but along overgrown forest paths that lead absolutely nowhere. Something significant surfaces in its facticity, but retreats the more one tries to think about it.


I just can’t stop listening to the soundtrack for the BBC show Utopia.
Its been years but I just can’t!


James Rushford was my lecturer at uni ha ha what a legend


This piece that tenor sax player Travis Laplante wrote for himself with Gerald Cleaver on drums is truly amazing! I had the chance to seen them perform this live at BLack Iris in Richmond, VA and it was incredible.


come for the blips, stay for the plucks


The groove is so heavy on this album.




best drones


Good dirge





Short programs very cool… still waiting for someone to sonify the Ackermann function :wink:




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