What are you listening to?



Yeah! You were at a pre-listen session, right? Kind of feel you regarding Babylon - I was a little underwhelmed when I first heard that. But I’m sure it will grow on me. I feel this record is a very nice gap between R+7 (my fav) and GoD. Also some really nice synth textures that reminds me of his earlier stuff.

I’m going to have a listen to that Zappa record!


So I still haven’t really cracked OPN. Some parts of GoD really grabbed me, same for R+7 but I do find myself struggling to put them on and listen to them front to back.

That said, I keep coming back to “Stress Waves” off Returnal every once in a while and melting into the nearest surface. What a lovely track.


Totally get that! Took me some time to get there too.

Stress Waves is stunningly beautiful! If you appreciate his more ambient and synthy stuff I would recommend checking out his record Drawn And Quarteted. I always get really drawn into it with the two first tracks!



My iPod died and I’m re-DLing a lot of stuff that I encoded and backed up just on my iPod when I had a big CD purge. It’s interesting thinking about ‘the essentials’ and how I can pare down. The list of ‘oh, I need to track this down too!’ just keeps growing.

Anyway, if I DID have to REALLY limit things, I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be in my desert island top 10. To me, the greatest punk album ever. Period. Exclamation point. :slight_smile:



Loving the new BMSR. Saw them in Philly and it was absolutely mesmerizing with the visuals! Also, side C of that double tape has to be my favorite thing he’s done so far.


maybe my favorite punk/rock record of that era (impossible to narrow down, tho):

and a pleasant summer chaser:


These six, somewhere on the fringes of the prog spectrum, are very close to my heart these days.


also: Lutz Graf-Ulbrich (ex-Agitation Free) collab with Nico :


found a copy this weekend. absolute gold, absolute crystal.


I know what you mean here. Btw my ex drummer’s band Dialects tread similar territory.

Sadly they split up and drummerfriend and I will be starting a new project :smiling_imp:


Lately I’ve been blasting this while driving:




Your post inspired me to revisit my favorite Gang of Four cover.


lovely stuff–maybe my favorite Frey album, also a great place to start with his music.

I’d been listening to Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones all summer - pretty much daily. Maybe six months later, I found myself taking an electro-acoustic composition class at the U of Utah. Devin Maxwell was also in my class and we got to talking. He recommended that I listen to some of Michael Pisaro’s music, and I said that I had been for the last year or so. Then he told me he had recorded that album, and I flipped my wig. Eventually I met his wife Katie, who played Clarinet on the album, and she told me that the live versions (they had performed it several times) were tremendous.

Some of those Gravity Wave releases are really fantastic. July Mountain stands as one of my favorite recordings.


that was the best thing I’ve heard/seen all day (actually just woke up but still, wonderful)


i’ll need to check gravity wave releases! This one is good too http://hubromusic.com/michael-pisaro-hakon-stene-kristine-tjogersen-asleep-street-pipes-tones/


I’ve listened to this a few times since my friend David Pocknee sent it to me, and his creativity and brilliance continue to floor me.

(Hopefully it qualifies as being within this thread’s constraints. I couldn’t find a better home for it in my search, but feel free to move it if this is a square peg.)