What are you listening to?



Borderline obsessed with this currently


really digging this by Japan Blues


So good… THANKFULLY on itunes… most 80’s Japanese minimalism is still extremely hard to find, especially in non-collector or digital formats!


sometimes the alt country thing just has it all. the production here perhaps a little over shiny but that wonky -slow -with -a -sting is so good.


Autechre. NTS Sessions.

8 hours long and literally the only thing I can listen to at the moment.

Possibly the best thing they’ve done in years.


Currently have Benoit Pioulard/Rafael Anton Irissari’s discographies on repeat. I think they both make the music I wish I’d made, in the sense that I can relate to it so deeply on a personal level.

The icing on the cake of course is that fact that their collaboration (Orcas) is almost as incredible as their solo efforts, this song in particular encapsulates almost everything I love about them


I mean, god damn this is good. Sounds like a reinterpretation of An Ending (Ascent) at certain point but a bit more morbid



Anyone into Minamo (Japanese ambient band)?


cate le bon rules


the new jon hassell is mostly awesome

today’s new music listening list is looooooooooooong, good thing i’m mostly doing robotic data crunching stuff at work today :+1:


Found this today and really enjoying it. FTR is a new label from London.


their collaboration with Tape “Birds Of A Feather” is one of my favorites:



I was literally lol-ing when I first listened to this - pity I was on a bus I guess. Just found it so elating and hyped. I think it falls off quite a bit, but I haven’t given up on it.

Very different, but am really enjoying this simple loop-based ambience. Feels quite classic (turn of century) loops + field recordings stuff. Hadn’t heard of Mexican producer Biuddha before.


Yes for sure, but I just had a nosey and the most recent thing I heard is from 2011, Documental. That’s fantastic imo. Are they still going?

Fave track off Documental


My friends do a weirdo/punk fest called Cropped Out here in Louisville and they’re bringing Anthony Braxton in to play. I haven’t given him a try in years and am sort of in a jazz state of mind lately. Anyone have any suggestions? Dortmund 76 is hitting the spot and was one that was recommended.

I’m all ears if any of you dig and want to share what you like about an album or two of his :slight_smile:


To some extent, I believe that they are still active. Keiichi and Tetsuro visited Berklee a few years back, it was lovely…


But no Minamo release since Documental in 2011…


been listening to this song a lot. hey @tehn, care to say a little about how you made this? i am really curious


I love Richter’s interpretation of this sonata, which is one of my favorite pieces for the piano! Somehow I got myself on a big Schubert kick in college and convinced my piano teacher to let me play the whole shebang as a 45-minute recital piece.