What are you listening to?




ths one 2


Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 40:

Jim O’Rourke - Simple Songs:

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Pier & Loft:


Fell in love with this thing>>



Not to be missed live either :slight_smile:


whoa, that would be a real treat. where/when did you see them?


They played a weirdo fest here in Louisville last fall called Cropped Out. I’ve seen Tashi solo 3 or 4 times over the years, opened once. I like him solo a lot and wasn’t sure how the kookier duo stuff would go over, but it was amazing. I kind of regret not buying a record, but that sort of stuff always works live better than on record in my opinion.


Soon I’m off to bed with this coming out of my headphones


the new record Hundreds of Days by harpist/multi-instrumentalist Mary Lattimore is really beautiful! I feel the video accompanying this track from it is super cool and unique as well.


This has been on heavy rotation for me since it was released earlier this year.


Once again, returning (never gets old):

Also [sadly, it seems w/o reissue, nobody else has done this Philip Glass-on-acid thing quite in the same way]:

also, excited about the upcoming Aktuala reissues (entire 1970’s catalogue, on Bla Bla)



The new Sarah Davachi sounds gorgeous



this is one of the few recordings that i’ve listened to by Braxton… can’t really explain why I like it, but it’s sprawling, taking many shapes, with a balanced mix / interplay of horns, percussion, bass, and piano – all with similarly weighted presences. It moves / breathes, and goes places, without getting to cluttered. It’s certainly more engaging than an older recording (can’t recall the name) - fearuring Derek Bailey (guitar) and Anthony Braxton (on clarinet), blasting away… it’s super raw, with an unbridled energy, and minimal structure (compared to the Willisau quartet recordings)

A similar reference point might be Vade Mecum, by Bill Dixon. Fantastic album!


Cool. Hopefully, he/them will turn up here too soon :slight_smile: I’ll keep my eyes open.
That Both Will Escape LP is my first encounterl Any recommendations on other releases or live recordings ?

Listening to something completely different today::





I always loved this live set from '72, “Dona Lee”. it skews more towards free improv than his more rigorous compositional side. there’s serious fire here.


laurel’s back with more :fire: - i wouldn’t be surprised to see this pop up in ‘latest tracks’ tbh.

it’s neat to hear her take on this type of ambient music. i’m stoked to hear the rest of the album.