What are you listening to?



bo hansson is one of my favorites.


Back to those essentials. This EP kills me and conjures fuzzy feelings even ignoring the beautiful music. At the time, I was just starting to play out and Dave was super supportive and even let my band sneak onto a show opening for Smog in 99 (technically as the backing band for what was supposed to be the debut of Papa M). I was also fortunate enough to become friends and bandmates with two of the four players on this EP. I burned my arm on that oven and it left a wicked scar for a couple years.



I can’t stop listening to this for some reason…


Pretty sure she’s performed this piece at some of her recent NYC shows! So good…


really enjoyed that, latency is always an interesting label and as soon as i saw this announced i had a feeling it’d be something good!


Red Brut, S/T (Kraak)
Listened this morning, perhaps a little too casually…strange, intimate and occasionally terrifying tape improvisations that will require more focus from me soon.

Zeena Parkins, Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics (Good Child)


mego records is always interesting


this is great! definitely recommend Ellen Arkbro’s For organ and brass. The end of this one reminded me a lot of it.


I can’t adequately describe how good this album sounds.

Jazzy, funky, beat driven. It’s my current go to. Especially good in the car.


I like this a lot. Her Antenna album is another ambient one. Not very similar to this latest track, but for the most part it’s beat-less and very abstract.


I’ve been obsessed with Sudan Archives’ Oatmeal for the past few months. The whole EP is great


It’s summer after all…I miss Greece so much…


Kishori Amonkar Raga Rageshree







… it’s just an incredible pop song


Probably the best record made with beer kegs


lots of david sedaris books on tape