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one of my favorite piano pieces ^-^





Harmonia & Eno '76.

I like to imagine they all have Yorkshire Tea in those mugs… but I would guess not :grin:


oh man, now I have to go listen to Watussi



Thanks to @ermina for turning me on to the work of Gérard Grisey.





Kamaal Williams’ spiritual successor to Black Focus

also found this through A Closer Listen, really like it so far…


Listening to Zoe Keating’s new EP, Snowmelt (in the middle of what Ireland considers a heatwave)


Anna Ternheim covering My Dearest Dear (old colonial American immigrants folk song).

This one always gets to me. Not the best video or audio but I love this performance.

The lyrics are beautiful:

My dearest dear, the time is near when I and you must part
And no one knows the inner grief of my poor aching heart
And what I suffer for your sake, for the one I love so dear
I wish that I could go with you or you could tarry here

I wish my heart were made of glass, that in it I might behold
Your name in secret I would write in letters of bright gold
Your name in secret I would write, pray believe me when I say
You are the one that I love best until my dying day

And when you’re on some distant shore think on your absent friend
And when the wind blows high and clear, a line or two pray send
And when the wind blows high and clear, pray send it love to me
That I may know by your hand-write how times have gone with thee


olivier alary, “pieces for sine wave oscillators”







Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this but hadn’t noticed it yet, thanks!!