What are you listening to?






Nice, was familiar with the Shirley Colins & Davy Graham version:


I missed a Glenn Donaldson release this year under The Ivytree called Unburdened Light.

Glenn has unknowingly soundtracked my mornings for many years


Mostly this youtube treasure trove of 70s/80s Eastern Bloc electronic / prog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowyry-xWRrdbQWlWkvq5fQ


Revisiting old netlabel stuff. This Segue EP from 2006 still holds up if you like that ambient dub thing.



Marc Baron has a couple albums on the Potlatch label, really beautiful concrete music / sound art. “Hidden Tapes” is exceptional.


Great to see someone mention PNZ! It’s a pretty sweet release!


In love with this track for the last couple of days. Emanating such immense serenity, feels like a peaceful top floor apartment in an old block building, in summertime, completely forgotten and out of society’s daily rush…



There was a time, a few years ago, when all I listened to was Hidden Tapes. The obsession lasted at least a month. Thanks for reminding me about it and Baron’s work.


absolutely top vocalist/writer in my opinion. and production from steve nalepa is ace!


Stop what you’re doing, listen.


Last week a friend introduced me to (the music of) Daniele Baldelli - an Italian DJ who was playing in clubs near Lake Garda while he was growing up in Italy in the early 1980s. His description: “He played ‘afro and elettronico’ - slowed-down electronic music, disco, african music, for people on drugs, messing with the EQ all the time” and he sent me this link:

Which is amazing, opens with a weird cover of Africa by Toto + lots of EQ tweaking, includes ‘Clapping Song’ by the Belle Stars.

This one from 1982:

Is even better, opens with Richard Wahnfried/Klaus Schulze, via Gruppo Sportivo (a Dutch pop band, played at 33rpm = mind-blowing), some George Duke, some easy-listening disco, finishing with Fela Kuti.

So it turns out there are 100+ ‘Cosmic’ cassette tapes, recorded 1979-1984 - most of them downloadable here: https://cosmicmantova.blogspot.com/ (links on the right, or search for the numbers to find blog posts with tracklistings)


Wow. I promise to keep this secret from /r/vaporwave




Thanks Christopher :slight_smile: