What are you listening to?



Metal sunny Sunday.


Oh geez so this has wormed its way well into my brain and now I am slightly obsessed with this Sigrid gal :joy:



this entire album but particularly this track. it’s been too damn hot here to move around.




ooooohhhh man, now I’m gonna be obsessed too!

an early post-rock fave. bummed they broke up after two albums



i love this kind of stuff. very #rare oneohtrix demo for usher (?!), download while it’s still up!


If you like polyrhythms and “lost record” mythologies, this is for you.


really loving this short album from Strië


I found out about Strië from this collaboration with Pjusk, which I still adore.

I like her 2015 album Struktura (even) more than the latest one.

And if you want more, she’s also done four remixes for Nathan Fake under her own name, Olga Wojciechowska.


Any Tibor Szemzõ fans on here?




part 3 of this is fantastic… if you’re a fan of Duos for Doris, this is a massive treat.


Pre-ordered the forthcoming vinyl pressing of this classic, listening to it again and it’s still so great.


find myself coming back to this tune often recently




the new Lavender Flu “Mow the Glass” is the perfect 2018 psych record & early album of the year for me