What are you listening to?



I love the Ina GRM mini-docs on YouTube, and this one focused on Bill Orcutt (presenting a software-based piece) is great. And look — he’s using a grid!!!





makes my insides feel all warm and fuzzy



been on a gabber…kick, lately. :smile:







This is amazing, thanks!


Sound bridge between San Francisco and Koln / Bill Fontana
I think the work is based on live recordings, as happening, with
mics installed in various locations in SF and Koln, broadcasted live in radio.

Whole album here:


Been listening to Moor Mother - Fetish Bones

I could literally feel it haemorraging my brain and rewiring it, so visceral! I later found out the relation with Black Quantum Futurism, a connection I have explored myself (I presented a topic about the relationship between analogue synthesis and the quantum domain at the Sines and Squares modular festival). Sort of nice to know that intelligent people, and margnialised ones at that are occupying similar thought waves.


You may already be aware of this but Moor Mother is also a part of this project that came out last year. More free jazz oriented.



That’s decent enough, the form isn’t quite so !!! as Camea’s solo work, you could even call free jazz “traditional” when compared to historical afrofuturist work (sonically, not thematically at least).

A really great thing in that vein is DJ /rupture & Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – Harlem Is Nowhere

Hard hitting DJ mix with some original composition and built around Sharifa’s exploration of extreme poverty in black Harlem.




<3 Great use of emergent complexity from a simple system, thanks for posting this!

There’s a nice discussion about randomness on the eu-gene mailing list right now… I think this is a great case in point for the usefulness of randomness as a sort of unbaised traversal of parameter space, where the software performs its way through the space, while he continually shapes the space…


Quite enjoying the latest Nine Inch Nails release after a couple of listens.


New album from Beak coming soon! Their new song has a bit of a Modest Mouse vibe going.



new donato dozzy acid record!