What are you listening to?



New album from Beak coming soon! Their new song has a bit of a Modest Mouse vibe going.


new donato dozzy acid record!


this is awesome! Reminds me a bit of Tamaryn’s goth-y/shoegaze record Tender New Signs:


Thanks, I dig this also! Bought the album.


Charlemagne Palestine


Just wanted to mention my friend Andy Gibbs’ excellent new ambient record, SUPPLICATE - Local Experience. Andy also plays guitar in the metal band Thou:


Rediscovered Xiu Xiu recently so catching up with their stuff, such a terrific band.

Really been liking this song:


Robert Wyatt

Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road


choice track from the Waldgeschichten EPs… anyone digging Pole’s latter-period material (Wald, etc.) ? it’s hard to beat the 90s trilogy…/


To celebrate Quique’s 25th anniversary @Seefeel will be performing a set of tracks from the LP @mira_festival in Barcelona, November 8-10.


I love Seefeel, especially Quique. Sublime.

Mark Clifford (or Splifford as Autechre used to call him) is a total gent behind the scenes too.



Amazing album, still is…


Been listening to this alllllll weekend. So glad you posted it!


I can’t stop listening to it either. it got me revisiting Jackson C Frank too:


The latest label dispatch describes this as, “Haunting electro-acoustic excursions in low frequency soundscapes. One for the fans of the early works of Thomas Köner, and an industrial version of Eliane Radigue,” which I can confirm is accurate.


lb-golcat, churning out endless, relentless electro / acid tracks -_+ …it’s belligerent, obnoxious, and psychedelic in the best ways.


Kevin Martins production on this is sublime.


This fantastic computer music album from 1998 by Jean-Michel Rivet sounds extremely fresh 20 years later:


I’ve been listening to Deerhunter a lot recently, and Cryptograms has really stuck out to me. A lot of really cool ambient stuff spliced throughout and some really good heavy guitar swells