What are you listening to?



I was listening to this one just yesterday:


Love this - it’s like an extended remix of that great bit in Herzog from Body Riddle.

Check 2’30"


That was haunting. Sometimes Xiu Xiu’s too much for my nerves, it takes the right mood for me.

Jamie’s recent Against the Clock episode was an interesting watch, cool to see a snippit of his process:


I keep coming back to this rather haunting Johnny Greenwood live performance, with music from some of his film scores.



I’ve put together some of my favourite tracks, that use overdrive and distortion in interesting ways, in this mix here:



That’s Hairiki by SD Laika - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD1Jg8ZxAKY

Like Hearts Swelling by Polmo Polpo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=945r8UHMtaw&list=PLwdiLm8LjJ2RjOc4OaRQ32KDUDaq_n19b

That’s about it on my end. Maybe I’ll find something new soon.


going to see radiohead next week and found the opening act, did some listening, and can’t believe I didn’t listen before!


old comfort zones




Been enjoying the extreme '80s-ness of this. The guest dancer who appears at 22:50 was unexpected…


One of the absolute classics in terms of immediacy, finding one’s own way around an instrument, redefining what can be music… all this becomes apparent within the first few seconds. It says so much, in just those few seconds. I love returning to this every so often. . Released 1979.


Broken TV noise this morning:


this guy is such a cool freak, such a versatile artist. i hope i get to see him perform some day.


FB “on this day” just reminded me that I saw these guys on a stacked bill (Uniform / Drew McDowall / PISSPISSPISSONO / Bloodyminded / Hogg) a few years ago, and then reminded me of this awesome video they released last year.


Quite looking forward to this new album coming on brainfeeder


I dig this


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