What are you listening to?





Thanks – absolutely essential reading, I’m going to be lost in this for a while… everything in NY during those years is and continues to be absolutely foundational…



Picked up this reissue last week, so stoked.
I love that I can’t tell what’s LP surface noise and what’s part of the recording.


I saw him live at the MIRA festival in Berlin this Spring, one that I really was looking forward to experience since I’ve been listening a lot to him lately. I recommend to see him live just to get an opinion, but I will definitely not do it again :slight_smile:


first time I heard of Górecki! :open_mouth:


Consumer Waste is such a good label, although it’s tough to find stuff once they sell out. Giovanni Lami’s Bias is excellent, but thankfully it’s available on his Bandcamp now. I ended up reaching out to Yann Leguay to buy Quasi Static Crack Propagation on the strength of the excerpt (http://consumerwaste.org.uk/cw11). It’s a really solid release if you want more electromagnetic soundscapes.









Alan Lamb is great!
I think Primal Image is my favourite.
I know someone who studied under him. It was apparently a really enlightening experience.

Edit: added a video for those who may want to hear it.


new to me.
wow this is great \ sounds at the beginning and 8:49 / 13:23 / 26,om etc. remind me of the sounds of seals

i bet!
did they take any notes/stories |
they would be willing to share?



This is a trio from NYC. They played in Pittsburgh recently and I’ve been listening to their 2 tapes. Lots of interesting synth/computer/modular stuff going on.





In that case check out his other album as well - Night Passage. There’s also a double CD of the original recordings and remixes.

Ah - the seals. I’m presuming you are aware of Douglas Quin’s work then.

I tried to find an email I had from years ago that had some information in it but couldn’t. Haven’t talked to Scott for a while but I’ll send an email and see if he has anything to share.


hey, Thanks!