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This comes highly recommended, my most favourite recent discovery!

G.I. Gurdieff’s harmonium improvisations, which often followed the dinners which he held in his Paris apartment during the Occupation and immediate post-war years, to his death in 1949.

Album is now in the public domain and available in full here: https://archive.org/details/G.i.GurdjieffsHarmoniumImprovisations1949





As a long time Fripp/Crimson enthusiast, I’ve been interested in Gurdjieff for a long time.

I saw the film Meetings With Remarkable Men back in the early 80s which was mysterious and lovely, as I find his music to be. This is a treasure indeed.

I wrote a little review of another great recording of his music back in 2011.




markedly different from the studio version of Buoyant – it’s quite nice in its own way


thoroughly enjoying SONOIO’s Fine. Love how catchy most songs are, the sound design is fantastic (obviously) and the vocals are much more “in your face” than in Blue and Red but they work incredibly well.


and after you listen to them individually, maybe try listening to Iruy lech’s track “barreras” on repeat with “voice of blood” playing simultaneously. i enjoyed that experience.


I am loving this at the moment…

Hope you like.




Ge-stell is always doing great stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

I’ve been listening to a lot of AMM and Keith Rowe (I didn’t realize he did a trio with Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler!) as I read the Rowe biography. I was pretty disappointed with the book. It could easily have gone way deeper, but still interesting. Moved on to a loft jazz book and soundtracking with Anthony Braxton this morning. Lots of names I’ve heard over the years but not listened to and lots of names I haven’t heard.

Related, has anyone heard Uni Trio? I guess it’s early 70s David Izenzon with a clarinet player and drummer I’ve not heard. Loved Izenzon with Ornette so curious to hear it, but no luck finding any audio.


Love Iury Lech! Gigi Masin’s Wind puts me in a similar space.


I listened to this and other Gorecki available at that time a ton in my early 20s, spurred on initially by Symphony No. 3 which was a bit of a phenomenon then (early mid 90s). Listening to it now is bringing back a strong emotional connection to this music at that time that I had forgotten about.

It’s really beautiful even if you’re not 20 anymore :slight_smile:


For the pop fans, a recent one by probably my fave New Zealand pop act.



Per @Tyresta’s recommendation:


on repeat




Elodie Lauten!
where has this been all my life… Feat. Arthur Russell on cello:

while it definitely has its own style, it puts me in a similar space as to Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra, Luciano Cilio, Satoshi Ashikawa, Daniel Schmidt, very much “inner music.”

I’m now trying to track down everything she composed/recorded.


The new Masayoshi Fujita album ‘The Book of Life’ is stunningly beautiful.

Older album I’m enjoying is Morton Subotnick’s ‘4 Butterflies’.

Anddd if you like 80’s music with slap bass and dx7, Billy Ocean’s ‘Love Zone’.


Oh damn thank you for this!