What are you listening to?



yeah @jonny that’s the tip


What an incredible thing:


going through all of my Ocora records and pulled out Anthologie de la Musique du Tchad (discogs) again this weekend. such an incredibly diverse and interesting set. 2 songs in particular are mindblowing, need to try to upload because I’m not finding them online. one sounds like moroccan free jazz, the other similar to a looser/raw version of the polyphonic vocal music of albania.


@kuorinki posted this record a few months back, and I’m just now getting around to listening to it.

The track “mordents” is incredible. When I’m making stuff I typically move from a sustained section to a fluttery section. This moves in the opposite way which I want to try now. The recording treatment really seems to get the mood right too. It’s slightly hissy and dense. Kind of like a movie from the 80s or 90s about medieval times.


thank you for this. love the website and the music i heard on the stream was very nice.



one of my favorite “sound gatherers” - really dig this small feature / interview w/Graham Lambkin


from Jon Abbey on Fb:
there is now a Bandcamp sale on for the next week, 20% off all Erstwhile titles, digital and physical, use the code name ‘groke’


Thanks! I’ve been eyeing a few releases over the last couple of weeks. Maybe I should finally grab that epic Jurg Frey set :astonished:


experimental trio Radian

good symbiosis of “rock” instruments and electronic noises


Amazing live act as well! Discovered them last weekend at Alarme festival!





been revisiting the Arrival soundtrack…it’s just stunning as an album. still can’t believe Johann is gone.


Just got his Ge-Stell release (and Burraston’s new one) a couple days ago. Looking forward to listening, but I’m in deep jazz zones for now.


it’s something else, for sure. not something i can actively listen to, but i’ll have it on in the other room (there are substantial periods of silence), and it can sound like ocean surf, or a plane flying overhead. the audio parts can be very brief, and there’s a lot of silence perforating the entire thing. it has a visceral quality that i enjoy - it sounds massive.


i need to pick that one up. met him briefly the other week, super nice guy!


Incredible soundtrack, one of the few movies in recent years that has actually made me cry. All of his work was fantastic, his passing was a huge loss.



Timing seems appropriate since the anniversary of Jason’s death is a few days ago. I jammed some Shipping News and Rodan through tour in July and it (and Jason) is very special.