What are you listening to?



welp, time to do the same.



a couple new Ersts - one is a duo featuring Marc Baron and Lucio Capece, another one is Hong Chulki + Will Guthrie… both are solid / strong


Listened to the Baron/Capece record last night while on a nice nature stroll. Really good stuff, but I’m gonna have to give it a closer listen soon. Maybe we should start an Erstwhile Records thread :wink: Too much good stuff…


I had the fortune of sitting and talking with Jeff Mueller and Jason Noble at a small club in Wilmington, NC, where Shipping News played. The performance was gripping - there was a great, sort of stoic and meditative tension to their execution. I was well-intoxicated and probably made an ass of myself, but they were very friendly and graceful. Those albums (including June of 44, et al) are well-loved… i imagine it must’ve been exciting (i have no idea) to be involved with that scene, during the early days


the new steve hauschildt album is $$$$$$$

plus robert beatty delivers the goods as usual with the artwork; i especially dig the animated stuff he did for this album.


definitely. it’s an area of music that doesn’t see much discussion nowadays, as it seems to have fractured, or diffused a bit. or it could be strong as ever, I don’t know. I love those two Marc Baron albums on the Potlatch label



got the Baron/Capece as well…my favourite Erstwhile must be this one


funny, i was just thinking about that one (the Lambkin / Pisaro), wondering why Erstwhile albums have sort of fallen back under people’s radar. It just seems like fewer people are talking about it nowadays. Schwarze Riesenfalter is a frikkin’ masterpiece. Track two is otherwordly/massive.


I was on the outside looking in and discovering that ‘oh, this stuff actually happens regularly in town, it isn’t just when the Jesus Lizard or whoever plays here’…but I’m also a bit younger, so didn’t get to know those guys until 99 maybe. I ended up joining a band with the Crain dudes who were all tight with that crew. Old various bands of mine played with the Shipping News and when Shedding (my current thing) was a band we played a Jason benefit with Endpoint, Big Wheel, and Cerebellum reunions - all old legends from town who reunited for the cause. Cerebellum actually had Drew from Matmos (old Louisville punk) in town banging on metal and singing.

I should add that I was thankful to see the Shipping News on their first tour I think in the fall of 97 when I was up in school in Madison, Wisconsin. The opener C-Clamp blew my mind too, and I still listen to their seemingly forgotten records pretty regularly.

On a related note, Jason’s funeral/celebration/whatever the heck it was was beautiful and moving and Drew gave an intensely funny and beautiful speech.

I definitely feel privileged and proud to have had such a great and supportive community in town to grow up in. Warts and all :slight_smile:

As for recent listening to me, I’m still deep-diving into some jazz I didn’t click with back in the day when I first listened. But right now, lots of Anthony Braxton basically. Almost all of the time. Since my wife would go crazy sleeping to it though, I’ve also jammed Mimir, Mike Shiflet’s “Tetracosa”, Keith Whitman “Late Monoliths”, and Microstoria as sleep soundtracks lately.


Kali Malone’s album ‘Velocity of Sleep’.

Rich timbres on this album generated by gongs, sine waves, and a variety of stringed instruments.


I often come back to this 2008 album by duo ii. Semi-impulse buy when I was in Australia back then.

Guitars, drums, electronics. Kinda reminds me of Ui, those “neu Kraut” acts like Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, et al, and I guess Tortoise-affiliated stuff.



this is lovely, thanks for sharing.


pretty insane that he was 21 when he made this


found this at random a few months ago and it’s played an important role in my recent early-life music identity crisis. pretty sure #7 is built around a recording of someone taking a shower


Opal - Early Recordings vol. 2 bootleg that just came out on vinyl. all really good (vol. 1 is classic) but this song is killing me


I had recently fond a crate of vinyls I had stashed away and this one was in it. Although the vinyl doesn’t have nearly the same number of songs the bandcamp version has. Ive been listening to it as an interesting examination of how Venetian Snares has progressed.


Orchid Spangiafora- “Dime Operation.”

Goofy TV-concrete from the late-70’s (kinda-LAFMS vibes, but wrong coast). Always makes me smile.