What are you listening to?




Another new thing from Caterina Barbieri.


Jan Jelinek - Loop finding jazz records


Really loving this one…


Such a classic. I have to dig out that album now, too. Thanks for posting!


yeah & while you’re at it, checkout:


Thanks, love that as well. I have most (if not all) of Jan Jelinek‘s releases. But I haven‘t listened to Loop Finding in a while. Will do now.

Schaum is an album I have listened to a lot in the past year. So good.


Oh god yes. everything on Unseen Worlds is so essential.


Soundtracking “Message to Our Folks” with lots of Art Ensemble of Chicago. I think I’ve always looked at 1975 as a cutoff for jazz that I find interesting and I’m discovering just how unfair that was. I guess I knew it was unfair and an arbitrary/artificial restriction, but I’m glad I’m letting it go. So the later Art Ensemble is fantastic and I stumbled on this band The Revolutionary Ensemble too from the early to late 70s - Sirone on bass, Leroy Jenkins on violin, and a percussionist named Jerome Cooper. It is SUPER.


along those lines (and post-75), check out Horace Tapscott and the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. really kicking myself now for selling those.


Enjoying new Papa M release today


Yeah man, I got into the Tapscott stuff about 8 years back and haven’t revisited. Good web to re-explore while I’m in this zone.


My chill Saturday evening getting-shit-done soundtrack



New trio stuff featuring @analogue01, from a label I’m totally unfamiliar with (who also seem to have a connection to Chicago, which makes me even more intrigued):


I’m judging these books by their covers! Great art all round!
Now to actually listen to some. :wink:


one of my favorite final songs on one of my favorite albums. this has the feel of old wizards meeting in a sacred place before moving on. if I started a record label it would be entirely centered around getting this on vinyl for the first time.


The latest episode of @darwingrosse’s podcast, with Curtis Roads. :open_mouth:

Learning Modular Synthesis

I am so mad at the person in the audience who keeps coughing