What are you listening to?





Really enjoying the new Caterina Barbieri album at the moment. I think a preview was posted earlier in the thread, and it’s up on Bandcamp now. That cello is wonderful.

And the Tirzah album, Devotion. Somewhat wonky pop r&b with great Mica Levy production. It’s a grower and I keep coming back to it.


just realized a big part of muslimgauze’s discography is available on spotify. made my day!

rocking this one


Haven’t listened to muslimgauze for a few years - thanks for the reminder always loved his stuff!


Been checking out the Barbieri album too. A lot of heavy drones!


this is awesome!
thanks for posting :blush:


Listen to Aamu in the morning and Ilta in the evening.


The best kind of drone!


Announcement / track premiere from Drew McDowall’s third solo album, out next month:



Obligatory NTS shot…not sure when I’ll get to actually revisiting and digesting it (attempting anyway…I find the volume undigestible) in this format and the jazz zones are running deep. BUT, I’m pumped it finally arrived after all these months :slight_smile:


I just made a Spotify playlist from the results of this search, and it is pleasing:



This album is stellar. John Daniel continues to amaze me with his faded and haunting ambient music.


I’ve recently found a lot of cool things by flipping through the used new arrivals section at local record stores and pick things that I know something vaguely about (like I’ve heard of/enjoy the label) or something catches my eye about it.

This track by growing goes from floaty drones to fun asymmetrical guitar looping. Has some really interesting mixing of some of the heavier parts.



New Richard Devine track out, with album following. Very much looking forward to this, as inspiration for reaching higher with my modular work.


If you haven’t heard their other stuff, check out the first two full lengths - my favorite stuff of theirs. Especially the track “A Painting”.


Orcutt/Corsano track from upcoming studio album(!)


Not sure this should be it’s own topic, but it sort of ties to what I WILL be listening to. I had the privilege of working with Stephan on a project I guess 8 years ago now. I’ve been a fan for about 18 years. He’s trying to raise funds for a proper mastering studio. In order to do this, he’s selling some box sets among other things. I am REALLY looking forward to listening to the box sets that I ordered and am already kicking myself for not going ahead and ordering the Radiance set too.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to his “Before Nostromo” release a bit this week since he put it up for free (briefly?). He has a stellar ear and is a really talented cat. Highly recommended and his work goes back a long time now so his catalog is deep and diverse :slight_smile:

I’m super particular about stuff in that ‘ambient’ zone because people are pumping so much out that I find completely unremarkable. He’s a master.