What are you listening to?



Constantly evolving Spotify playlist by Jay Babcock, former editor of the late great Arthur Magazine:


here is my current playlist. i have been indulging in deejay.de, juno and hardwax records
I think in the leftfield/abstract techno world there is an excitement i can only find relation to my early interests in punk/alternative music. Artists doing splits, focus on the music and collaboration. Loving it.

There are a few others and i’d love feedback :slight_smile:


Will support ~~

I used to be obssessed with Before Nostromo when it came out. Always wondered about the instruments/tools he used for that… iirc it was something like an analog dsp box that looks like a radio. I couldn’t figure it out but I ended up researching a lot about dsp, so that’s that.


In rotation this week:

The Hotel Neon release in particular is an incredible listen.



Today’s listening is Richard Chartier’s Further Materials



yes i like this. nice and weird.


Below Nostromo is fantastic and is reason enough to get that box set



Have been digging into this album the past few days and it’s reallllly growing on me.

Loved the track, then saw the video and damn, it’s fantastic.


I have been on a huge listening to ambient kick.


I recently received my box set of the Autechre’s NTS Sessions 1-4 on vinyl, have been putting aside an hour or so each evening to digest a disc or two of this absolute monolith.

It is amazing. An absolute triumph. Might be my favorite release of theirs (and MANY of them have a special place in my heart already).


The album is tremendous.

The vinyl is an experience.



Local guy who’s got one coming out on 12k soon. Dreamy steel guitar.


Old Punch Card: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj5XJFMaTdg&list=OLAK5uy_lyahS7l9BSPqE2zgiC6HUwl4P2xm0GLKc
Sam Prekop’s modular album


This record didn’t click for me right away, but I re-listened after playing with him and I think my ears must’ve evolved over the years in-between or something. Maybe seeing his process a bit had me curious too? Definitely a bold record for him to make.


rly rly loving the new yves tumor direction, the visuals are nutso


Listening to the Richard D.James album.

One of the first ‘electronic’ albums I ever bought (when I was about 15), and recommended to me at the local record shop (RIP).

… Aciiiiiid :smiley: !!!