What are you listening to?



A bit weird a bit new age and has a nice warm feeling

I purchased the cassette and it is V good.


Been listening to this album a lot for synth inspiration



i’ve been trying to find a download or affordable physical copy of technodrome forever to no avail. at least it’s on youtube.


After abandoning Twitter, I looked back into Ello, and almost immediately found this.

So that paid off.


New Yves Tumor is incredible. I listened to it once today and can tell that I’ll be coming back to it a lot.

I’ve been finding lots of good stuff lately…

This is one of my favorite electronic releases this year: https://melodyastruth.bandcamp.com/album/crude-tracer
It’s all over the map in terms of sound. “Bacterial” is worth checking out.

Excellent hip-hop release: https://purpletapepedigree.bandcamp.com/album/paraffin Elucid also made a great album with milo under the name Nostrum Grocers that came out a month or two ago.

I live in Houston, so you hear a lot of chopped-and-screwed stuff pouring out of car windows. I found this mixtape by a guy called Rabit, intended to sound like a modern DJ Screw mix. The Aaliyah track at the end is my favorite:

I found a fantastic Mille Plateaux album from 2003. Task by Tilman Ehrhorn. I’ve been streaming it on Google Play, but it’s probably on Spotify as well. It’s a minimal glitch album that is very consistent despite its length. Absolutely worth checking out if you like the style.

Finally, if you like jungle/dnb as much as me:


John T. Gast - UVC roots & destruction


Nona records dropping some nasty electro right here.



Getting hyped to see Greg Fox this weekend.
Yonatan Gat is also playing (w/ Thor Harris in his band :open_mouth: )


very heavy and hazy


Only one listen in so far, but enjoying this new Thomas Ankersmit release quite a lot.



it’s a great record. haven’t really heard anything else like it.
hopefully there will be a reissue sometime soon!

his other releases have the same vibe as my favourite snes-rpg soundtracks from when I was a kid. :sweat_smile:



Disquiet Junto Project 0349: Got Glitch?

Alan Lamb & Chris Watson - BBC4 Interview

@ 12:40

and i’m not talking about randomness i’m talking about chaos itself which is a beautiful structure.




Cool. Thank you.
I’ll enjoy listening to that later.