What are you listening to?



This song has been ruling lately.

By day: Bill Dixon, Anthony Braxton, Art Ensemble of Chicago.

By night/sleep time: Jim O’Rourke “Old News” and “Steamroom” releases.


Enjoyng the new Nathan Moody album.



I love the way the guitar was recorded with so much presence (as well as how it fits in with the air-y elements).


so refreshing somehow


Only just discovered this is what High Priest from Antipop Consortium is up to these days. Good stuff.


Mildly obsessed with these guys



Local-ish artist who’s work I’ve loved for years. She just released her second album.


Liking it, thanks!

Surprised to see when I clicked through that Leaving Records are reissuing Bauhaus! I associate the label with new agey tapes and “LA beat scene”


Beautiful as always from Thom Yorke:

I can’t wait to see the film.


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Wave Train (1966)
Players with Circuits (1966)
Music with Melody-Driven Electronics
David Behrman –	Interspecies Smalltalk, Part 2 (Excerpt)



New Sarah Davachi for days.




20 characters of so good.


It’s new Aphex Twin day :space_invader:


got mine in the mail earlier! it’s heavy stuff


Give me your hand, my friend, and I will lead you to the land of abundance, joy, and happiness