What are you listening to?




Very nice piano stuff (this is the pianist/composer for some of the Sharp Objects soundtrack). I love the way the bass notes are recorded.


Really excited for this new album, both tracks have gone in a very different direction from where he normally goes.


Really been enjoying this the last day or two


somehow related to this thread what-would-it-take-to-sound-new
“the album used sound taken from deliberately damaged CDs” released in 1994



enjoying the second part too


gorgeous studio work from Sarah Davachi. holy moly.




oh i’ve missed this thread.

this is candy, on repeat all last week.


These two jams defy categorization (to my brain at least). A little bit jazz. A little bit kraut rock. Just lovely.


The first song on this, Auster, just makes me sooo uncomfortable with its just-too-long pauses… I love it.



Linda Catlin Smith has three albums on Another Timbre (label) - the music is often played by 2-4 people, with vibraphone, strings, and sometimes atonal percussion. It’s nicely done; understated and often affecting.


Surprising myself by enjoying this fairly bolshy industrial / IDM throwback stuff. In the vein of when LFO / Mark Bell got noisy.


This interview with Oren Ambarchi is really interesting I reckon - a teen from Australia (Jewish, an atheist) finding his way to New York via studying the Talmud, and maintaining a double-life going out at night to the Knitting Factory etc.


PS. Thanks for linking to this release, I hadn’t heard about it.


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Great new Tiny Desk Concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to22meUpSEI


Really enjoying this EP by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier