What are you listening to?



@rbeny made a mix of some of his favorite synthesizer artists for Métron Records. He did a little interview as well. (c/p from FB post)

Track list:

  1. Shipwreck Detective – afterglow (intermission)
  2. Hainbach – voices from a future past
  3. Paperbark – never knew
  4. Tom Hall – only the hunted know
  5. Nathan Moody – slab
  6. emily a. sprague – dock @stripes
  7. ioflow – slow trails @ioflow
  8. Lightbath– arise for celebration!
  9. Jogging House – phantom @boboter
  10. Shipwreck Detective – bedroom eyes
  11. hark madley – friendship 7
  12. Flohr – interference
  13. ann annie – valley textures @annannie
  14. r beny – takoma
  15. trevor vincent edmonds & sean curtis patrick – owen sound



Title describes it



Manc. Makes me miss my vinyl


Four Tet live!



McCartney’s home recorded synth pop album. Way weirder than I remembered.


I’m not sure if their is a recommended feed so I’ll ask here. I’m going to listen/watch Caterina Barbieri performence on youtube tonight that she did for ableton. I’m going to have a few cheeky beers and chill whilst doing so but it’s only an hour long. What could I follow this with for another hour of live modular performance?


There’s also a 45 minute video of her performing at the Boiler Room that’s worth watching.


Just digging in to the new Beak> album now! So far it’s excellent as always.

EDIT: DAMN. The redo of When We Fall is flipping glorious!


I always end up coming back to that Utp_! Broken line 2 is my favorite track from there.


Just a glance at that album cover and now Temporary Secretary is stuck in my head.


Ha, same, but “Darkroom” for me :slight_smile:



Orchestral works by Salvatore Sciarrino.



It’s Sunday. It’s night.


check the mix, hard pan :slightly_smiling_face:


Currently listening to this in the office while a Balinese gamelan ensemble is practicing outside in preparation for a parade they’ll be participating in soon. I kinda love the juxtaposition happening right now.


I want to get to know chicago balinese gamelan they have some things i would enjoy