What are you listening to?



This was a life changing album for me - bought it used knowing nothing about it when I was 18. It permanently altered the way I think about music and sound.


I watched The Cat Returns this weekend and can’t get this piece out of my head from when the cat king first appears (probably my favorite scene in the movie overall actually). The composer said he wanted to make it in the style of traditional Japanese court music but used a pipe organ to replace parts that would normally be played by flutes.


over and over…


I don’t know much about the Pointer Sisters other than their later pop efforts, but this one turned up on a compilation I have and is the bomb:


The best space cadet ever imho.


20 chars of I love it!!



just listened to the repress LPs I have of this album the other weeks and it was a good choice


The great bit of trivia about the Pointer Sisters is that they sang the pinball song from Sesame Street. You have to be of a certain age to know it, I guess. :slight_smile:

No surprise this was edited and put on vinyl decades later.


Enjoying these long, gently evolving IDM-ish tracks from some guy in Australia I know nothing about. Looks like self-releases.

Funny examples of where I’m like “ha, so modular as a genre right now” and he says right there it’s done on a laptop. :smiley:


Yup, I’m probably too old :roll_eyes:


Aphex Twin Collapse EP - 1st 44 mostly (track 2)




KATE NV – minimal/maximal/whoknowswhocares, cozy dream hits (released on RVNG):


I love that scene. My daughter and I find something new in it every time.


so excited to see CAVE has a new album coming out. jamming the older stuff lately but this new song is lovely.


after David Mancuso passed in 2016, this Loft classic re-entered my consciousness and am super grateful it did. I always seem to listen to it when I need a reset. and when i need a longer Loft moment, i tend to listen with:

and of course…:

for a nice space, earth, and spirit combo.


Wume is one of the most mesmerizing bands I’ve seen–I saw this track performed about year ago. They had a really interesting circular projector and this super complex drum part was played live.

The studio treatment on this one is really lush (and the video super detailed). Really excited to hear the rest of this record:


The ‘new’ Prince album is :exploding_head: recorded to cassette in 1983 in one take, complete with some gnarly drop out.

The first track - 17 Days - sounds like acoustic Chicago house music